Team StarKid have announced their 2014 summer schedule, along with two new parody shows they’ll be performing this year.

The video, uploaded to the official StarKid YouTube channel, tells us what we can expect from the group this year.

In honor of their five-year anniversary, StarKid is going to try to do as much as they can this summer, including performing two shows at the same time!

These two shows will include Starkids Julia Albain, Clark Baxtresser, Jaime Lynn Beatty, Jeff Blim, Denise Donovan, Brian Holden, Lauren Lopez, Joey Richter, Rachel Soglin, Meredith Stepien, Joe Walker, and more!

Although StarKid will be quite busy with their two main shows this year, they’ll also be doing various side events, which will more than likely be announced once those details are solidified.

But really, we know what you’re after — what are those two new shows going to be called, and what are they going to be about?

The first one is titled The Trail to Oregon, written by Jeff Blim, Matt Lang, and Nick Lang. The music and lyrics were also written by Blim. The synopsis to this musical reads, “When a mis-behaved sixth-grader puts his own name into the character creation screen of a magical computer game, he’s shot back in time to the real Oregon Trail…”

The second music will be titled Ani and appears to be a Star Wars parody based around Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker. Ani was written by Matt Lang and Nick Lang, with songs by Clark Baxtresser and Pierce Siebers of TalkFine. Although there’s no synopsis for this one just yet, we do get to hear a song during the announcement video that will be featured in the play. It’s called “Wingman” and is performed by TalkFine.

Both shows will be performed between July 3 and August 10.

Are you gearing up for a packed summer of StarKid events and shows?

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