Team StarKid have released a video announcing the launch of a new range of merchandise set to go on sale on November 16. Naturally, the troupe decided that the best way to promote their new merch was to get naked. Naturally.

The video, which is full of the traditional StarKid ironic cheesiness, features Brian Holden, Jim Povolo, and Joe Walker undressing due to their lack of decent clothes, and then joyously materializing into the new Team StarKid designs. Watch below:

As well as a huge range of new shirt designs, which feature mainly Starship and Holy Musical [email protected]! imagery, we’re promised the long-awaited Team StarKid sneakers, as well as engraved iPhone cases.

Our favorite moment of the video was, however, the totally out-of-left-field Home Alone reference. “A delicious cheese pizza, just for me…” Well, the holiday season is upon us, so perhaps it’s a hint to stock up on Team StarKid goodies for Christmas?

The new StarKid collection will be available from The Ann Arbor T-shirt Company from November 16, where Team StarKid also have a healthy collection of merchandise on sale. StarKid alum Darren Criss also recently launched a line of t-shirts on the same site.

What’s your favorite design from the new collection, or do you have a favorite piece from their existing range of merch?

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