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‘Supernatural’ 11×16: Top 5 Bobby and Rufus moments

We've missed our favorite grumpy old hunters.

Supernatural season 11, episode 16, “Safe House,” featured flashbacks of Bobby and Rufus working a case together. But what were their best moments of the episode?

Bobby and Rufus’ relationship provided Sam and Dean a potential future to look forward to — grumpy old Men of Letters (Supernatural spinoff idea, anyone?). Though both elder statesmen have since died, Supernatural can be counted on to find ways to bring beloved characters back, and “Safe House” was one of those instances.

So, what were the best Bobby and Rufus moments from the episode?



When Bobby and Rufus first meet up again, we get a hilarious sequence that begins with Rufus finding Bobby asleep in his car and ends with Rufus rudely shaking off a nosy neighbor while Bobby just can’t help but smile. Oh, and there’s the reminder that Rufus can’t work on Shabbat so Bobby will need to do all the heavy lifting. Bobby’s exasperation never gets old. Hilariously, Bobby asks Rufus if he’s ever been nice. Rufus replies, “1985. Worst year of my life.”

Grave digging banter


Not only does Bobby use a backhoe to dig the grave — why haven’t the brothers thought of that one after all these years? — he calls Rufus out on his excuse that he can’t work on Shabbat. He reminds Rufus that the sun has set so he’s fine, to which Rufus can only reply, “Good catch.” It’s a humorous moment that shows each man is able to trip the other up; they give as good as they get in their partnership.

Getting real


As Supernatual is wont to do, the banter between Rufus and Bobby quickly turns into something a bit more serious. Rufus came upon Bobby sleeping in his car earlier in the episode, so he asks his friend about it. Bobby gives an honest response: that he’s worried about Sam and Dean, his boys. The flashbacks take place during the apocalypse storyline and the brothers are caught in the middle of a war between heaven and hell.

Rufus, for his part, reminds Bobby of the oldest rule of hunting: you can’t save everyone. That’s small comfort for Bobby, and Rufus tells him to forget that rule at the end of the episode. Rufus is a true friend, though he doesn’t like being told so.

Rufus recognizing Bobby’s embellishments


When Bobby realizes he’s faced a Soul Eater before, he starts telling Rufus about it, but Rufus quickly recognizes he’s full of BS and demands the actual story — which ends up being significantly less exciting and heroic. Bobby still feels guilty because another hunter died, but Rufus provides understanding. It’s yet another sign of just how well these two know each other and what they need to hear.

Rufus leaving Bobby with the whiskey


Not only does Rufus leave Bobby a bottle of whiskey with a snarky note, this is a bottle we’ve seen before. Jody found this bottle among Bobby’s possessions in season 7’s “Time After Time,” and she and Sam shared a drink in Bobby’s honor while working a case. It was a nice bit of continuity that reflects the men’s friendship.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

What were your favorite moments from ‘Supernatural’ season 11, episode 16, ‘Safe House’?

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