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Five reasons we hope Cole returns to ‘Supernatural’

Supernatural has had some memorable supporting characters, and Cole seems primed to join those ranks.

When Cole was first introduced at the beginning of Supernatural season 10, he earned the ire of many a fan because he kidnapped Sam and tried to hunt and kill Dean. However, with his return in Supernatural season 10, episode 15, “The Things They Carried,” Cole became a character we hope to see again.


We look at our top five reasons why.

He’s snarky


A quick wit is practically a prerequisite to being a fan favorite character, and Cole has that in spades, as we saw in “The Things They Carried.” He’s not afraid to say what he means, and he’s not intimidated by having a quip-off with Dean Winchester. His comfort level among the Winchesters seemed to help, as he was angry and revenge-driven in his previous appearances. Now, on a bit more equal footing with the brothers, his comedic timing can shine.

He’s loyal


Cole’s entire reason for insinuating himself in the Winchesters’ hunt in this episode was that Kit, the soldier infected with a Khan worm, was an old friend. Cole was there to serve as a conscience for the trigger-happy brothers, who are more likely to kill a demon host than exorcise it. Killing Kit outright would have been easier, but Cole was a reminder that the Winchester family business is saving people, hunting things. That loyalty served him well and gave him more depth as a character, which was welcome.

His views have evolved


Cole’s tattoo, as seen above, epitomizes his arc: Strength to Change. When Cole first appeared in the series, he was hunting Dean out of revenge for his father, who Dean had hunted when Cole was younger. He was completely overmatched when he confronted Demon Dean, so he did his research and returned. However, the brothers convinced him to stand down, and joining the Winchesters on a hunt gave him insight into the life of a hunter.

He has good chemistry with both brothers


Cole’s narrative arc has mostly related to Dean season, and his situation in “The Things They Carried” was a literal parallel to Dean’s, as both had internal monsters to fight. What was a pleasant surprise to see, though, was Cole’s interactions with Sam; Dean is usually the brother who gets to bond with the guest stars, but Sam and Cole also shared some nice moments in this episode, like the casual burger toss above and the final scene of Cole not blaming Sam for Kit’s death.

The brothers also don’t correct him when he calls them by nicknames, which is amusing.

He appreciates what the Winchesters do


The Winchesters aren’t often thanked for the work that they do; they’re far more likely to be run out of town than have appreciation directed their way — and Cole recognized that. The more characters who can appreciate the sacrifices Sam and Dean make, the better. It also goes a long way to showing Cole’s growth; he’s able to put the past behind him with some understanding of the thankless life of a hunter.


Though Cole told the brothers at the end of “The Things They Carried” that he hoped never to see them again, we sure hope we see Cole again. Supernatural needs to repopulate its world, and Cole is turning into a promising addition to the supporting cast.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

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