Supergirl was at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 to promote its third season, and we’re breaking down the new footage and sharing our one-on-one interviews with the cast.

Supergirl’s presence at SDCC is always met with tons of excitement, and this year, their third appearance proved to be no exception. Stars, Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, David Harewood, Jeremy Jordan, Chris Wood, Katie McGrath, and newcomer, Odette Annable joined the newly appointed co-showrunners, Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner for a fun and informative panel and to premiere the trailer for season 3. We also got to sit down with everybody for some more personal insight into Supergirl and its characters.

First, let’s get to the trailer, which you can watch here!

Supergirl season 2 ended with Kara making a huge sacrifice. She was forced to send her boyfriend, Mon-El, away (supposedly forever) to save the world from being taken over by Daxamites. This sacrifice left her questioning whether it was possible for her to “have it all,” and if this trailer is any indication, it’s caused her to make some pretty drastic decisions.

She claims that “Kara Danvers was a mistake,” and seemingly sheds the human life that she’s been desperately clinging to. Other notable clips from the trailer include a Sanvers kiss, Alex just generally being a badass, a first look at Odette Annable’s character, and a confrontation between Lena and Morgan Edge.

The trailer was only the beginning of the fun at the Supergirl panel. Here’s everything else we learned!

  • The main theme of Supergirl season 3 will be “what does it mean to be human?”
  • Adrian Pasdar has been cast as Morgan Edge, one of the villains for season 3. Edge will butt heads with both Supergirl and Lena Luthor.
  • Emma Tremblay will be playing a character named Ruby, a young Supergirl enthusiast.
  • Carl Lumbly will play the father of J’onn J’onnz, M’yrnn J’onnz. Harewood expressed his excitement for this character addition. On the J’onnz father/son dynamic, he said, “I think there’ll be some complications. J’onn always thought he was the last green martian, so it’s going to be extraordinary to find that, not only is he not the last green martian, but the other one is his father! It’s going to be very deep, very emotional, and I’m just very excited about it.”
  • Yael Grobglas will play Psi, another villain for Supergirl season 3.
  • Cat Grant will appear in the first episode of Supergirl season 3, and will appear “off and on,” all season!
  • Odette Annable, who’ll be playing Reign, the main villain of season 3, said that the character has a “very specific agenda.” “She’s not out to kill everybody she sees. She also doesn’t just want to rule the Earth. She has her own reasons for dispensing her justice that will unfold throughout the season.”
  • It looks like there’s a lot coming up for James Olsen. He’ll definitely be continuing as Guardian, but he’ll also be getting more involved with Supergirl, he’ll have a new love interest, and he will “step up” in his role at CatCo.
  • Lyra and Winn will still be together at the beginning of Supergirl season 3, and Winn will continue to team up with Guardian.
  • Mon-El will return! In fact, he will be part of the central mystery for the season. “Mon-El’s not going anywhere!,” Queller promised.
  • Melissa Benoist revealed that there have been talks about changing her uniform! It could be something “very different,” she said, skeptically. She made it clear that she’s very attached to the tried and true version.
  • Since Floriana Lima isn’t returning for all of Supergirl season 3, fans are concerned about her answer to Alex’s cliffhanger proposal in the season 2 finale. Well, nobody would confirm her response, one way or the other, but Queller did assure attendees that they “have an amazing, beautiful story to tell in her remaining episodes that is emotional and modern and really honors the love between these two women.” She added on by saying that Lima is always welcome to come back, when available. “We love Maggie, we love Sanvers, and we’re devoted to them forever.”
  • Despite Supergirl’s declaration that “Kara Danvers was a mistake,” we will continue to see her honing her reporter skills at CatCo in season 3.
  • Although nothing has been confirmed, everyone is hoping to have Tyler Hoechlin back as Superman. “There are no immediate episodes with Superman but we are hoping that, schedule permitting and storyline permitting, we will see him again,” Queller stated. “We’d love to have him back,” Rovner added.

‘Supergirl’ season 3 SDCC 2017 video interviews

Melissa Benoist, Kara Danvers

Benoist believes that it was important for Clark to concede that Kara is stronger than him in the season 2 finale because Kara deserved to win the fight due to the stakes. Benoist also thinks that Kara still believes that she has Cat Grant fooled about her secret identity, though she’d love to see them talking about it.

Benoist also says season 3 is a dark time for Kara; she’s coping with “grief and guilt” after losing Mon-El. She calls season 3 a “new chapter of womanhood” for Kara as she grows up. She also promises more Alex and Kara in season 3, including couch nights.

Jessica Queller & Robert Rovner, showrunners

The showrunners tease that the theme of season 3 is humanity, adding that the season will be darker and more adult as the characters grow up. Additionally, Queller and Rovner promise that the show will continue to address “topical and meaningful” issues as the country evolves.

In terms of the Alex and Maggie relationship, which ended in Alex proposing to Maggie in the season finale, the showrunners say season 3 will honor the “depth of their relationship and bond” in a manner they believe the fans will like. They also preview that Calista Flockhart appears in season premiere, and the goal is for her to recur in season 3.

Finally, the showrunners were asked about the controversy of Mon-El replacing James as Kara’s love interest. Quller and Rovner explain that because Kara and James were both noble people, there would be little drama between them. They wanted to match Kara with a flawed person. But James has plenty coming up.

Jeremy Jordan, Winn Schott

Jordan says that he loves acting as the “voice of the fanboy” on the show, joking that Winn is the character who has been to multiple Comic-Cons.He previews that Winn and Lyra are still dating in season 3 and that some material related to them from the season 2 finale was left on the cutting room floor. In talking about Winn connecting with Cat Grant in the season 2 finale, Jordan says that Winn latches on to family figures around him.

He adds that Winn is really coming into his own at the DEO, and teases that Winn will be bossing people around a bit more this year. He also expects to explore a bit more of Winn’s backstory as the new season progresses. When asked about the move to Vancouver after season 1, Jordan replies that it was difficult, but in season 3 they’re energized and happy.

David Harewod, J’onn J’onzz

Harewood says that in season 3 he would like to see more of the relationship between J’onn, Kara and Alex, though perhaps the dynamic would change. As for his character’s growth, Harewood says J’onn has become less “bottled up” and has been getting used to who he is. This season, he would like to see J’onn “broaden out and become a fuller character.” Harewood also gushes that J’onn is one of his favorite roles ever.

Harewood credits Winn’s presence in the DEO with lightening J’onn up a bit, calling Winn joining the DEO a “stroke of genius”. He promises that M’gann will appear again, which he’s glad about because it’s fun to play a happy J’onn. He also teases that there will be a big reveal in episode 3 with a character comic book fans will appreciate.

Chris Wood, Mon-El

Wood teases that Mon-El’s “hypothetical return,” about which he was sworn to secrecy, will bring some “new dimensions” to the show that he believes the fans will be satisfied with. He explains that there was originally a suit for Mon-El but the moment of him getting it kept getting pushed back because Mon-El hadn’t earned it; he didn’t earn it until the finale. Wood does not think Mon-El will regress to the selfishness he had when we first met him.

Katie McGrath, Lena Luthor

McGrath would like to see the “fantastic friendship” between Kara and Lena continue while also exploring how that friendship “interacts in the rest of Kara’s life.” She jokes that it would be difficult to organize girls’ night with Lena involved.

When asked about Lena turning to the dark side, McGrath says she wants to know “there’s always the chance” Lena could follow in Lex’s footsteps. She also does not think Lena will discover Supergirl’s identity this season because, in doing so, the vulnerability Kara has with her is lost when that secret is out. Finally, she jokes that Bruce Willis would be an ideal Lex.

Odette Annable, Reign

While unable to say much about her role as Reign, the villain of Supergirl season 3, Annable is able to say that Reign, as in the comics, is one of five World Killers who was engineered in a lab on Krypton, giving her similar powers to Supergirl.

She previews that Reign’s motives are different from other villains we’ve seen so far on the show, though she comes to Earth with a specific agenda. She also teases that Reign’s story is a heartbreaking one. Annable calls Reign “Kara’s greatest match.” She also gushes about working with Greg Berlanti, who she worked with previously, and says that Supergirl is a family atmosphere that she has been welcomed into.

‘Supergirl’ season 3 premieres Monday, October 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

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