This week’s Arrowverse episodes were Supergirl 2×18 “Ace Reporter,” The Flash 3×19 “The Once and Future Flash” and Arrow 5×19 “Dangerous Liaisons.” We recap the week in superheroes on The CW!

‘Supergirl’ 2×18 ‘Ace Reporter’

Lena’s ex-boyfriend Jack, played by iZombie‘s Rahul Kohli, arrives in National City to announce that he has cracked the code on medical miracle nanobots. While Lena is drawn to her ex with the hope of rekindling their relationship, Kara does some digging.

She meets with an informant who doesn’t believe human trials on the nanobots ever occurred, but before the conversation can finish, a nanobot swarm blows up the car the meeting is taking place in, killing the source. Kara only survives because, well, Kryptonian.

Kara then spies on Snapper Carr meeting with a different source — one who was supposedly involved in the human trials. He is about to reveal the trials never occurred when the nanobots return. Supergirl saves Snapper but the source is killed.

Kara and Mon-El then interrupt a date between Jack and Lena, and Mon-El lifts Jack’s key card. They sneak into his office and discover a video showing that the human trial was conducted on him. Kara assumes this means Jack is the killer and brings this evidence to Lena.

Hurt, Lena confronts Jack only to realize he has no idea what’s going on. His CFO, Beth, is controlling him via the nanobots. Beth wants to inject Lena as well so she can control L-Corp, but Supergirl arrives in time to save her. However, the nanobots overwhelm her. The only way to save Supergirl is to override the mainframe controlling the bots. Tragically, doing so will kill Jack, but Lena does it anyway; Supergirl is freed and Jack dies. In her grief, Lena worries about turning into something dark.

Meanwhile, Kara turns her reporting over to Snapper. He publishes the combined efforts of their reporting; Kara gets a co-byline and her job back.

Oh, and Lyra is joining the James and Winn crime-fighting team.

‘The Flash’ 3×19 ‘The Once and Future Flash’

Barry, after all the good luck he’s had with time travel thus far, travels to the future for some answers about Savitar. What he finds in the future, however, is depressing. When he first arrives, he’s confronted by The Top and Mirror Master, who get the best of him. At his apartment, Cisco finds him and realizes what’s going on. He takes past Barry to find future Barry.

The story is this: After Iris died, Barry pulled away from everyone, shut S.T.A.R. Labs down and let his hair get even worse than Oliver’s season 1 island wig. He’s a broken man and can’t tell his past self who Savitar is because he doesn’t know. He sealed him away several years after Iris’s death but never learned his identity.

Past Barry visits the other members of Team Flash and finds out their fates: Julian has Killer Frost locked up in a metahuman cell while he tries to cure her. She, meanwhile, reveals that she teamed up with Savitar (and froze off Cisco’s hands so he can’t vibe anymore) but won’t share his identity.

Wally is paralyzed and in shock; he went into a rage after Iris died and confronted Savitar. No one knows what happened, other than Savitar severed his spine. Joe takes care of him or visits Iris’s grave, but Barry’s abandonment hurt him deeply. H.R. became an author and owner of Jitters. Jesse isn’t mentioned.

Initially Barry wants to return to 2017, but Cisco convinces him to stay behind and help reunite Team Flash. This even lures future Barry and his sweet suit out, and the two Flashes take down The Top and Mirror Master. Future Barry promises to work on being better and hands his past self information for a scientist he worked with to imprison Savitar; the problem is that the technology doesn’t exist in 2017.

Meanwhile, Killer Frost destroys her power dampening necklace and escapes S.T.A.R. Labs. In the woods, she is confronted by Savitar, who wants to join forces. To earn her trust, he takes off his armor and Killer Frost immediately agrees to work with him. Viewers, however, are left hanging.

‘Arrow’ 5×19 ‘Dangerous Liaisons’

It’s Helix vs. A.R.G.U.S. as A.R.G.U.S. has the greatest hacker of all time locked away without due process (an issue for Diggle). This hacker was working on a device that was sensitive enough to scan individual heartbeats around the world and match them — meaning it could be used to track down Adrian Chase, who has been on the loose for a week.

Felicity agrees to help Helix break the hacker out of A.R.G.U.S. while Team Arrow is worried about her crossing a line. (There are several conversations about it.) The extraction is successful for Helix, as Felicity stands between Oliver and the retreating Helix.

Felicity returns to Helix’s HQ to find it empty. Alena appears on a monitor and cuts Felicity loose because her connection to Team Arrow is too much of a liability. However, Helix did leave behind a sample of the heartbeat scanner from the rescued hacker. She brings it back to the Arrow cave and scans for Chase while talking with Oliver. Their conversation is interrupted by the realization that Chase was in the building. There’s an explosion and the episode ends. Was Chase really there or is Helix working with him?

Meanwhile, Diggle and Lyla are having familiar marital issues as Diggle is disturbed by the way Lyla is turning into Amanda Waller. He’s not sure if they can work things out.

And Quentin sets up a reunion between Rene and his daughter even though Rene is afraid of hurting her. After seeing his daughter and her asking to come home with him, he decides to meet with Curtis’s lawyer friend and set things in motion to get custody back.

What did you think of ‘Supergirl’ 2×18 ‘Ace Reporter,’ ‘The Flash’ 3×19 ‘The Once and Future Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ 5×19 ‘Dangerous Liaisons’?

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