This week’s Arrowverse episodes were Supergirl 2×16 “Star-Crossed,” The Flash 3×17 “Duet,” Legends of Tomorrow 2×15 “Fellowship of the Spear” and Arrow 5×17 “Kapiushon.” We recap the week in CW superheroes!

‘Supergirl’ 2×16 ‘Star-Crossed’

When the king and queen of Daxam arrive on Earth, Mon-El is outed as the prince. They want to return to Daxam because it is apparently habitable again. More than that, there are many Daxamites spread across space; the king and queen want to rebuild their world, beginning with their prince.

Kara is, understandably, upset to discover Mon-El has been lying to her, and she eventually breaks up with him because she deserves better than being lied to. Mon-El, however, isn’t giving up and tells his parents to leave; he plans to stay on Earth because being around Kara makes him a better person than he was on Daxam.

Meanwhile, after a night of romance in an art museum, Winn becomes a suspect in an art theft. It turns out Lyra has been pulling cons on men for a while now. It turns out Lyra is being blackmailed by an alien who is holding her brother captive; she’s trying to pay her brother’s debt back through art theft. Through the teamwork of Winn, James and the DEO, Lyra’s brother is saved, the art smuggling ring is shut down and Winn is cleared.

The episode closes with the entrance of Music Meister, who was caught intentionally to get to Kara. He whammies her then travels through a breach in search of the fastest man alive.

‘The Flash’ 3×17 ‘Duet’

Mon-El and J’onn bring an unconscious Kara to S.T.A.R. Labs after tracking Music Meister to Earth-1. When Barry and Wally confront Music Meister, he says he is there to teach them a lesson. He then whammies Barry. Both Barry and Kara end up in a musical-themed dream world. According to Music Meister, they must follow the script in order to get out. But if they die in the musical, they die in real life.

Barry and Kara try to help lovers Iris Millie and Mon-El Tommy find a happy ending despite being the children of rival gangsters. It seems they are successful until the two gangster clans go to war, and Barry and Kara are shot in the crossfire. They are rescued by a kiss from Iris and Mon-El respectively when Cisco vibes the latter two into the musical. The lovers’ reunion was the lesson Music Meister sought to teach.

Meanwhile, Wally, Cisco and J’onn team up to fight Music Meister, and he is easily defeated. This turns out to be Wally’s lesson: regaining his confidence after his ordeal in the Speed Force. Music Meister disappears, literally, to teach someone else a lesson. And after Team Supergirl returns to National City, Barry proposes to Iris a second time and she accepts.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 2×15 ‘Fellowship of the Spear’

The team travels to the Vanishing Point and steals the Legion of Doom’s fragment of the Spear of Destiny. They then reunite the fragments of the Spear. Once the Spear is whole, heat reveals a message on the One Ring Spear, and the team realizes that in order to destroy the Spear — because keeping it is too tempting — they need the blood of Jesus.

They believe that J.R.R. Tolkien knows where they can find this because of his writings about Gawain and the Holy Grail. The team recruits Tolkien from WWI, and they find the church where Gawain was buried. It’s here, however, that Leonard Snart returns: the Legion went back in time and recruited a version of him from before his joining of the Legends. He’s still a villain, and he works to convince Mick that he is as well.

As the team seeks the blood of Christ, Mick and Amaya are tempted to use the Spear for their own ends. And as Leonard’s questions about the Legends’ loyalty to Mick get under his skin, Mick eventually defects to Legion, Spear in hand. Amaya refuses to join him, despite her desire to use to Spear to save her village, and the Legion uses the Spear to alter reality.

‘Arrow’ 5×17 ‘Kapiushon’

In the flashbacks, Gregor dies and Anatoly becomes Pakhan. Oliver tortures one of Gregor’s men to death, though he discovered Kovar’s plan long before killing the man. Dark. Kovar is planning to take over the Russian government through the use of chemical weapons. The Bratva tries to steal the sarin gas, but Kovar and his men interrupt the theft.

Oliver then reaches out to Taiana’s mother, who works for Kovar. He reveals that her children are dead but that Taiana wanted Oliver to take Kovar down. Taiana’s mother gives Oliver keycard access to Kovar’s home (which gets her killed); Kovar is holding a party that night with many high profile guests, and that’s when the attack will take place.

The Bratva attempt to stop the attack but are captured. Kovar’s men loose the sarin gas on the guests and gangsters, but Oliver interrupts. He frees many of the guests and appears to kill Kovar, though Kovar’s connection to Malcolm Merlyn provides him the medical support he needs to survive. Oliver is made Bratva captain, and he intends to return home.

In the present, Adrian Chase tortures Oliver. He wants Oliver to confess something, though he won’t say what. When Oliver has no idea what Chase wants, Chase brings in Evelyn, who appears to have been Chase’s captive all this time. He says one must kill the other and the winner will go free. Oliver refuses to hurt Evelyn, so Chase appears to snap Evelyn’s neck.

Oliver eventually confesses that he kills because he likes it. This is what Chase wanted to hear. Evelyn springs up, alive after all, and Chase burns off Oliver’s Bratva tattoo. When Oliver later regains consciousness, he’s free. Oliver returns to the Arrow cave after six days and says he’s shutting everything down.

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