Suits season 3 premieres tonight on USA Network at 10 p.m., after an explosion of a season 2 finale.

USA Network has a funky (albeit tried and true) formula of splitting its shows’ seasons up and airing them across several months. 16 episodes can air over the course of a full year, making the wait until next season seem even longer.

Despite this, we still tune into their ‘blue sky’ programming around the clock to see what’s going on in the worlds of White Collar, Psych and Suits.

With the Suits season 3 premiere airing tonight, this article is here to offer you a refresher on where we left the people of Pearson ??? (who knows what the new name will be!?).

This goes without saying, but this article contains spoilers for the season 2 finale.

We know that the premiere picks up a few days after the finale, which is unsurprising, because while Suits has long breaks between seasons, in their world, the breaks are never more than a few days apart.

Where did we leave our characters?

Jessica has gone behind Harvey’s back and merged with the British lawyer Darby, for the good of the firm.

Harvey, like Scottie (a woman who’s been known to equal him both in the boardroom and in the bedroom), has been hurt by this, and we will find out in this season premiere whether or not he wants her in London or New York, answering the question she asked in the finale.

In Suits season 2, Louis met Nigel, the “British Louis.” But as we saw in the finale, Nigel seems to be playing dirtier than Louis, and is therefore meaner.

Rachel knows that Mike didn’t go to Harvard, and while she’s rightly angered, they do engage in a passionate sex scene that should leave Mike and Rachel shippers pretty satisfied.

What will happen in ‘Suits’ season 3?

There will be many questions to be answered in tonight’s Suits season 3 premiere, as well as plenty of drama to kick off a season’s worth of intrigue.

If you want to know more very random tidbits about what goes on behind the scenes of Suits, or are dying to ask a short question to showrunner and creator Aaron Korsh, you can tweet him @akorsh9.

What do you think will happen tonight’s premiere? Discuss in the comments, and check back to share your thoughts after the episode premieres tonight on USA Network at 10 p.m.!

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