11:23 pm EDT, July 15, 2015

‘Suits’ season 5, episode 4 recap: It’s all about family

Who knew Harvey would do just about anything for family that wasn’t even his? We don’t think Harvey did until tonight’s episode of Suits, “No Puedo Hacerlo.”

Before we dive into the recap, a question, dear readers: how many times have we heard of Louis’s sister? Granted, we can’t swear we remember every tidbit about Louis’s family, but we’re pretty sure it hasn’t been much. Regardless, when the gorgeous, “are you sure you’re related to Louis” Esther shows up tonight looking to divorce her husband, and she turns to her brothers best friend: Harvey Specter.

Harvey, probably because of the anxiety and panic attacks, seems like an more genial version of himself lately. He wants to take Esther’s case as a favor to Louis to bury the hatchet. Not to hold it over his head or so Louis will owe Harvey. Harvey this season wants to be moving forward. The Harvey of years past would fight tooth and nail or try to screw someone over. But tonight, he didn’t. He’s fighting to be fair, and he’s trying to do right.

As Donna points out to Louis, Harvey cares about family. Harvey took the case because it was family, and despite it all, he wants to get back on track. While he was talking about a professional capacity, we’re sure he also meant personally. While Harvey and Esther definitely have a connection — unbeknownst to Louis — it’s Donna that he stares longingly at while Esther’s husband goes on about commitment.

Will we see more of Esther? It seems likely. Unlike Scottie, she seems like a better fit for Harvey if he can’t be with Donna yet. Plus, there is the added bonus of her being Louis Litt’s sister so that’ll provide enough comic fodder for the rest of Suits season 5.

Suits - Season 5

Meanwhile, Robert and Mike’s insurance case is still unresolved at the beginning of the episode. When an offer comes in that would give each family $70,000 — a paltry amount to Mike — Robert accepts it without question. We all know that an angry Mike is an effective one. Through some strange and suspiciously coincidental turn of events, every client in the case received the cash settlement and some shares of a massive company, so everyone’s happy.

Tonight’s storyline also saw the return of Amanda Schull’s Katrina. Are we crazy or did it seem like she and Mike were kind of heavy-handed with some flirtatious banter tonight? Or are more than cordial with each other.

This has been an interesting case for Mike to take on, as it’s brought up several mentions of his future children with Rachel. Will their future daughter be as protective of Mike as Rachel is of Robert? Will Mike’s future kids think they know more than he does, as Robert alludes to? We just hope these aren’t red herrings to bigger issues with Mike and Rachel’s relationship.

We know Suits season 5 has just begun but with episode 4 in the books, we have got six more this summer before the fall hiatus.

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