9:21 am EDT, August 8, 2016

Despite terrible reviews, ‘Suicide Squad’ tops box office on opening weekend

Whether or not Suicide Squad is a terrible movie is up for debate. But does it even matter if it still brings in the $$$?

If critics are to be believed, Suicide Squad is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad film.

Since its worldwide premiere last Friday, it’s been receiving more generous — though still very mixed — reviews from the public, with a juicy attempt to close down Rotten Tomatoes thrown in for the lulz.

But none of it really matters because the movie’s already earned back its $175 million production budget! Who needs critics when we’ve got cash, right? (Just kidding, critics are awesome.)

As reported by CNet, Suicide Squad topped both the U.S. and global box offices this weekend, bringing in $267.1 million worldwide.

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Domestically it earned $135.1 million, which puts it just above Deadpool ($132.4 million), though it still falls behind Captain America: Civil War ($179.1 million). It’s the top earner for August, which isn’t surprising, considering the strong DC fanbase, and high expectations for what was supposed to be a much more gritty and dark feature than what we ended up getting.

Suicide Squad‘s strong opening weekend is great news for DC, especially with The Independent now reporting a 41% drop in ticket sales from Friday to Saturday; similarly, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice dropped 38% in its first weekend, and was down 81% by its second weekend.

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We’ll have to see how Suicide Squad fares over the coming weeks. Meanwhile, here’s our review, along with Jared Leto’s thoughts on the cut Joker scenes.

Did you go see ‘Suicide Squad’ on its opening weekend?

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