10:00 am EDT, September 2, 2016

Barb from ‘Stranger Things’ is the Queen we deserve

It's the little things.

Stranger Things may have taken the world by storm, but the early dispensed Barb is the one who made the Internet explode.

These days it’s incredibly difficult for a television show to stick out from the mass of other content and find a substantial audience. While Stranger Things was an instant success, the bigger surprise was the character who emerged as the most revered: Barbara.

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If you said, “Who?” to that name, you’re not forgiven. It’s impossible to forget Barb. She was only in it for two episodes. It’s not like it’s easy to forget someone the entire town didn’t know existed.


However in those two episodes (technically it was three episodes, if you count the appearance of her dead body in the third), Barb really made an impression. She’s one of the realist teen girls on television.

If you aren’t a Barb, one of your best friends is probably a Barb. There’s always that one person in a friend group who doesn’t want to go to the party, but goes anyway just to make his/her friend happy, mopes for the entire night, and leaves early because you don’t even know why you went in the first place.


Obviously that friend also doesn’t drink because #ResponsibleDriver, but drinks anyway because #PeerPressure. At least, an attempt is made to drink. What kind of Queen slices her hand open trying to slice open the beer can? Queen Barb, duh. #Karma

Of course, you can’t be a beloved character if you don’t know your best friend’s bras, so of course Barb knows Nancy’s bras. Gentlemen, in case you were unaware, level 7 female friendship is achieved when girls know each other’s old and new bras. It’s like a sixth sense. Maybe Nancy’s bras are a DD, but Barb’s character is 3D.

Let’s not forget that fashion sense though. Blair Waldorf’s got nothing on Barbara Holland. Her ginger curls are the envy of all, and the high-waisted mom-jeans are way ahead of their time. Topping it all off are Grandma’s glasses, for that extra quirk and not-yet-vintage vibe.


We know very little of Barb’s personal life, however, because her screen time is spent talking about Nancy, but through those conversations we learn that even though she’s not cool, she’s also totally cool. She helped Nancy study for her test that one time right before the test. She could’ve just walked to class and talked about what she ate for dinner the night before, but no, Barb is a good friend who helps her BFF study.

It’s not just science Barb was teaching Nancy about though. She also gave Nancy the 411 on Steve’s intentions. Naive Nancy needed a reality check, and Barb was more than willing to provide that. “He just wants to get in your pants.” You tell her, Barb! Make Nancy see sense!

The last thing is possibly the most relatable part of Barb: her fear of losing Nancy to her new, popular friends. It appears Nancy and Barb have been each other’s only friend for a long time, so the thought of losing Nancy to ugh-Steve is worrisome. Even though that probably says more about Nancy than Barb, it’s definitely reason enough to choose Barb as your favorite character.

How much do you love Barb from ‘Stranger Things’?

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