11:15 am EST, December 10, 2012

‘Stopping the Dead’: Infographic takes a statistical look back at ‘The Walking Dead’

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While the hit AMC TV show The Walking Dead takes a mid-season break, the National Post has released an incredible infographic that lays out some amazing statistics of the series so far that they found to be noteworthy.

Last week we took a look at five things we wanted to see before the end of season 3 of The Walking Dead, but the National Post has gone all out and released an infographic that illustrates “the gradual increase in the body count, the increasingly creative means of Zombie dispatch, and the fact that every character seems to have developed a clear enjoyment for putting the ambulatory cadavers down for good.”

The National Post’s Andrew Barr and Richard Johnson are responsible for this incredible piece of work concerning the multitude of deaths that have occurred in The Walking Dead thus far. Be amazed below:

The sheer amount of research that went into this work is nothing short of absurd, not to mention just how intriguing it is to take a graphical look back at just how many people have died and what’s caused their demise. We were definitely surprised by some of the statistics, especially the total zombie deaths – there has to have been more on screen…right?

Do any of the statistics surprise you?

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