10:45 am EDT, October 25, 2013

How to block Bitstrips from appearing on Facebook

A new app on Facebook called Bitstrips has taken over your Newsfeed, so how can you stop or block the comics from appearing?

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This writer finds them annoying, and if you’re reading this you may not like them either. The customizable comic strips called Bitstrips have recently swept up Facebook users thanks to their charming graphics coupled with the ability to create your own graphics about your life.

So, how can you hide, stop, or block Bitstrips from taking over your feed on Facebook?

Step 1: See the millionth Bitstrip in your feed that makes absolutely no sense to you.


“Ha ha… I don’t get it. At all,” I think to myself.

Step 2: Hover your mouse over a Bitstrips article and click the down arrow at the top right


Step 3: Select ‘Hide All from Bitstrips’


Just like that, Bitstrips will stop appearing in your Facebook feed and your comic woes will be over.

You can repeat this process for any application that you feel is taking up too much room in your feed. One good thing about everyone’s Bitstrips usage is that it’s not like memes that people pull from Tumblr and repost. In other words, it’s easy to block all Bitstrips items whereas it’s impossible to block a slew of similar memes appearing from a variety of people (Remember the “What People Think I Do/What I Really Do” meme?).

Bitstrips for Schools is a popular new service that they say can be used as an education tool in the classroom. The site boasts that their educational software can “get students hooked on reading and writing, motivate them by making homework fun, and spark their creativity.” They add, “the possibilities for self expression are endless.” We think the only thing endless is the amount of time kids will waste when they make their own, education-less comics.

With that said… we wish we had this as a kid.

Your thoughts on Bitstrips? Annoying? Fun? Or Both?

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