The Doctor Who convention in Cardiff may have come to an end, but we are still hearing some of the interesting little snippets that came out of it. Showrunner Steven Moffat spoke to fans about the prospect of a female Doctor. He also took a vote, with very surprising results!

From the BBC America Report:

There was a slightly jarring moment when a fan asked the panel if there would ever be a female Doctor, and Steven pointed out it would be entirely possible, but then asked for a show of hands who would like to see it happen. This got about 50% of the audience raising their hands, but he then asked how many people would switch off the show if there was a female doctor, and 20-30% of fans put a hand up, to a certain amount of gasping from everyone else.

Wow! Nearly a third of hardcore Who fans claim they would stop watching the show completely if a female was cast as The Doctor. While those figures are shocking, several fans of the show claim they will “stop watching” every time anything changes remotely.

How would you feel is the next Doctor was a female? Are those claiming they would stop watching being petty, or sexist? Would you stop watching? Join the debate in the comments below!

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