Check out an awesome panel interview featuring Fringe‘s Joshua Jackson, Once Upon a Time‘s Ginnifer Goodwin, Bones‘ David Boreanaz, Elementary‘s Lucy Liu, Arrow‘s Stephen Amell and Dexter‘s Jennifer Carpenter, in which they reveal how they’d like to see their series end!

In honour of the San Diego Comic-Con, The Hollywood Reporter gathered the six actors for a lengthy conversation about their experiences at the fast-paced event (think PaceyCon!), fan encounters, and their hopes for the series finales of their respective dramas.

You can watch the entire, hour-long interview with the actors right here:

Notably, Joshua Jackson reveals that he knows how Fringe will end, and comments on the showrunner shake-up in which Jeff Pinkner left Joel Wyman to helm the final season on his own:

Because our show is ending I think it’s less dire than it would be if the show was sort of ongoing. I think they, Jeff and Joel, have probably spoken quite a bit about where they thought the show was going to end up, so the blueprint was already there, and because it’s those 13 episodes, there’s a clear ending to the story this year. I’m sure Joel would like to have Jeff there to share the workload because suddenly he’s cranking out 13 by himself, but I think we’re going to be OK.

On the end of the series, which Jackson has been told about, he says:

It’s big, but there’s no good way to end a show and not piss somebody off. Part of what’s fun about a television show is that people get to fill in the gaps for themselves of who these characters are and the stories that we don’t get to see — but once you come up to an ending, you sort of tell them where everybody finishes up. That being said, it’s a big, massive sci-fi set piece at the end but with a really important finale-esque emotional center to it.

David Boreanaz also comments on whether he’d return to Bones if it got picked up for another season:

Would I love to come back to the show? Yes. I never said that I was not going to be coming back. I said [on Twitter] that the options are always open, which is the truth. I think people take things and twist them a bit out of context, and they make it a little bit bigger than what it really is. But it sure was a fun day, I’ll tell you.

You can read more of the interview transcript and watch shorter clips at The Hollywood Reporter.

Also check out the awesome behind-the-scenes video from the actors’ joint photoshoot:

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