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‘Star Wars Rebels’ season 2: Cast and crew teases Ezra’s parents, Kanan’s conflict, and nail-biting mysteries

At New York Comic Con, Hypable spoke to the cast and crew of Star Wars Rebels season 2, where devastating revelations, divided loyalties, and dangerous foes will challenge the crew of the Ghost.

According to showrunner Dave Filoni, the upcoming drama will add dimension to the pantheon of characters populating the Disney XD series. For example, the burley Lasat Zeb will be fleshed out considerably.

“Zeb is an interesting one,” he notes. “We learn a bit more about his history. He’s very challenged this year, Zeb, as far as this conflict he has with [Agent] Callus.”

Callus, the Imperial agent voiced by David Oyelowo, was a key player into the genocide of Zeb’s species. “We really get into a bit more depth of that problem,” Filoni promises. “That will come to direct confrontation at some point this season.”


Kanan too, will find himself conflicted in future episodes.

“Kanan’s very challenged [in that] he’s accepted his role of teacher [to Ezra] in season one,” Filoni says. But “what kind of teacher is he going to be, and what does he believe it means to be a Jedi in this time period, are all up in the air.”

In addition, Kanan will experience some unhappy memories of the final days of the Jedi order. “Seeing the Rebellion militarize right now, and have all these more people and equipment, it starts to remind him a little bit of a war that he already fought,” Filoni says. “And lost.”

Kanan’s relationship with Hera is also something that will continue to percolate – though perhaps not as far as certain fans might like.

“The way I think about it is, Kanan would be the one who would be leaning in, actually, to the relationship,” Filoni muses, in spite of Kanan’s identity as a Jedi.


“That’s not to say that Jedi can’t love people and care very deeply about them, but he just can’t try to possess [Hera],” he says. “He can’t try to make her destiny for her — he has to love her enough to let her go, and let her be her own person.”

For Hera’s part, Star Wars Rebels season 2 will delve into “her great responsibility to this much greater galactic movement,” Filoni hints. “We get into that this year — her conviction to this cause.”

As is often the case for the fearless Twi’lek pilot, the personal is political in nearly all her relationships. The Rebellion “comes up with her father,” who will appear later this season, and “it comes up with Kanan.” Filoni promises. While her feelings for Kanan are real, “In this time, in this moment, is that what’s really on her mind?”

Filoni also notes that the crew of the Ghost will face “a variety of enemies” in Star Wars Rebels season 2. Two new Inquisitors – among them, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Seventh Sister — will be dogging the rebels every step.

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