It has been widely assumed, but a Disney official has seemingly confirmed that the Star Wars solo films will be origin stories set around particular characters.

Back in April, Disney confirmed that while the episodic Star Wars films would be released every two years, after the release of Episode VII in 2015 there would be a new Star Wars film released every year. This left the door open for live-action Star Wars films that were not set in the Skywalker saga, something that had never been done before.

When news of these films first hit, it was rumored that they would be origin stories centered around popular characters. It was rumored that these films could potentially revolve around Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Yoda.

Until now, there has been no real news about these films. While nothing official has been announced, Disney chief financial officer Jay Rasulo has hinted that these movies indeed will be origin stories. According to Variety, Rasulo referred to them as “origin story films.”

While it may be interesting to look back at how particular characters got their starts, it may not be what every fan wants. Many fans would be interested in seeing a film set in a period of time unconnected to any of the characters we’ve seen on screen. Many fans would also like for the certain characters’ origins (particularly that of Yoda) to remain mysteries.

Are you glad the ‘Star Wars’ solo films will be origin stories?

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