12:20 pm EST, November 29, 2017

A fake J.K. Rowling tweet about Sprout and Flitwick being in a relationship made it into new copies of ‘Philosopher’s Stone’

New editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone include a surprising piece of canon based on a fake J.K. Rowling tweet.

Earlier this year Bloomsbury released four new editions of the first Harry Potter book to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the book being published, and each is themed around one Hogwarts House. The gorgeous books include additional material about the respective Hogwarts House that you purchased. We reviewed them in June.

There’s just one problem, as recently discovered by The Rowling Library: In the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Editions, there’s a tidbit about House Heads Professor Sprout and Flitwick once being in a relationship. This information was based on a fake J.K. Rowling tweet created by College Humor in an article called “J.K. Rowling knows way too much about her characters:

Here’s the fake tweet, published in an article in June 2016:

And here’s the information in two official versions of Philosopher’s Stone, published in the spring of 2017:

It’s not clear where the person who curated this “fact” found this fake tweet. Hopefully they didn’t directly pull it from this College Humor article, because another fake tweet “by” J.K. Rowling directly below the Sprout/Flitwick one addresses whether Dumbledore is a top or bottom when having gay sex.

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It’s a pretty embarrassing screwup that could’ve been prevented if some verification took place. Making sure this tweet was actually within her account would’ve been a good start.

Bloomsbury told The Rowling Library that they’re aware of the error and will fix it in future print runs.

Maybe it would’ve been easier for Rowling to officially deem Sprout and Flitwick canon. They’d make cute little babies.

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