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The Sorting Hat: If the ‘Downton Abbey’ characters went to Hogwarts (part 1)

We’ve sorted the Crawleys into Hogwarts! And yes: we’ve taken their pureblood status into account.

Downton Abbey ended its American run last night with the Crawley’s touching down in Londontown for Rose’s coming out celebration. The crown prince was naughty and high-jinks ensued, but in the end, no one was imprisoned or died or started a war, so it can be said that for once things were looking up, and all was well.

We’re already feeling withdrawals from the magic of our favorite nighttime soap’s departure, so to stretch out the English class a bit further and give us another excuse to bring out the sherry, we’ve psychoanalyzed our beloved Crawley family and sorted them into the Hogwarts house where we feel they would most belong. (And a special thank you to Angelica Yap for the fabulous image of Lady Mary getting sorted with Professor McGonagall her granny!)

So, without further ado, we present part one of our Sorting Hat: Downton Abbey edition. Which of your favorite Crawleys would you find yourself rubbing elbows with in the Great Hall?

Lord Grantham – Hufflepuff

Robert Crawley

We can be a little harsh on the old pops when it seems like year after year, Robert is dead-set on preventing Downton’s progression into the modern world. So, it’s easy to forget that behind the Earl’s often blubbering exterior, lies a truly kind man with a generous heart. Robert is a traditionalist, yes — he values his place in society and he fears falling into irrelevance — but he has also been shown to be incredibly inclusive and tolerant of new ideas. He protects Thomas after his season 3 scandal, and he embraces the chance to dance to Rose’s surprise jazz band.

Robert is a truly empathetic man, and when he is able to overcome his own selfishness, he shows what a loyal and just man he can be, despite the social norms of his day. He treats his servants like human beings, and has stood by Bates through thick and thin from the very beginning, even when it was not only impractical, but downright difficult to do so. Like his daughter Edith, his insecurities are his downfall, but he learns from his mistakes, and he always gives Downton his all, unselfishly putting the future of the estate before what might be best for him, and being the first to embrace Matthew as the heir to Downton despite everyone else’s hesitation.

Lady Grantham – Ravenclaw

Cora Crawley

A naturally clever woman, Cora has had to learn to adapt in life more than any of the other family members. From American socialite to English Countess, her wise and witty nature has carried her through to successfully adapt into the British aristocracy.

Kind and practical, she’s the most realistic of her family members, and her American nature makes her a little bit more easygoing, willing to go with the flow and accept change. She loves her family more than anything, and is smart enough to understand that she must accept their choices as well as their faults to keep the family together.

Lady Mary Crawley – Slytherin

Lady Mary Downton

Both ambitious and cunning, before falling in love with Matthew, Mary’s pragmatist nature left her resolved to lead a life of self-preservation amongst England’s sometimes ruthless aristocracy. Matthew brought out the best in her, challenging her to both let her guard down and treat others with compassion, and though we always knew our Lady Mary was a fierce, spirited little thing, we came to learn that behind her unreachable porcelain exterior, she truly has a good heart.

A clever girl turned resourceful woman, her traditional values have evolved over the years. Once intent on preserving the social hierarchy that guaranteed her a pampered life, her love of Matthew and her friendship with Tom have challenged her to look towards the future. Recovering from Matthew’s loss turned her into a true leader at Downton, and now as ambitious as ever, Mary is willing to do whatever it takes (including wrangling up some pigs) to preserve her family’s estate and Matthew’s vision for her son. At once both cold and compassionate, Mary has never been afraid to be an independent thinker, and always shouldering the obligations of everyone’s hopes on her shoulders, this season she has proved once again that she is the picture of poise through the pain.

Lady Edith Crawley – Squib

Lady Edith Downton

Poor, poor Edith. It’s not that she’s not clever, or resourceful, or even brave. While she may have started off in the first season creating her own problems with her own self-doubt and jealous nature, by the time the war ended, she had emerged as a lovely person with just the absolute worst of luck. Her first love left her at the altar “for her own good,” and the second was (probably) kidnapped by Nazis in Germany. Can this girl ever just catch a break? At least the twenties have given her a killer sense of style.

This season with the pregnancy drama, she’s really been put through the ringer, but she seems to have emerged a stronger, more thoughtful person by season’s end. We have no doubt that come next season, this lady’s going to be boldly shaking up Downton with her own brand of progression. Edith’s finally done accepting her lot in life, and we’re excited to see how far she’ll go now that she’s decided to make things happen for herself.

Lady Sybil Crawley – Gryffindor

Sybil Crawley

Daring and determined, our darling Sybil was never afraid to be the bold, progressive little sister in the Crawley family. The original politician in the family, Sybil didn’t mind shaking up social conventions and standing out; most importantly, she just wanted to make sure her life mattered and meant something.

Never content to be just another pretty English rose, Sybil was a beauty that epitomized bravery throughout her life, always making the decisions she wanted to make, thinking them through carefully, and considering what was best in her life, rather than what society expected from her.

Turn to page 2 to find out where our favorite Crawley in-laws have been sorted!

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