Snapchat has announced a new feature that you’ll see Instagram Stories rip off in a few weeks time: World Lenses, which lets you add 3D elements to the environment around you.

Snapchat’s front-facing camera lenses brought the app to the next level when they were announced last year. They let you vomit rainbows, turn into an easter bunny, and swap faces with friends. Now, World Lenses lets you insert objects into the world and interact with them.

Launching today, World Lenses work similar to mapping an image onto one of your videos: Just drag and drop. The new feature will remind you of Pokémon GO, which placed Pokémon in the real world and let you see them through your camera (until we all turned the AR feature off because it was annoying to hold the phone up while catching ’em).

Like front-facing lenses, World Lenses will be changing daily. It’s sure to keep us entertained, but is it too little too late? Instagram Stories recently surpassed Snapchat in daily active users.

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