‘Sleepy Hollow’ renewed for season 4

Every year we get more and more surprised...

3:15 pm EST, May 13, 2016

In a surprising turn of events, Sleepy Hollow has just been renewed for season 4! Now the question is: What kind of show will it be?

If you follow Sleepy Hollow then you know at the end of season 3 they killed off their lead actress, Abbie Mills, after she had to sacrifice herself to kill The Hidden One. In the end, Pandora walked away more powerful than ever and Ichabod was left to figure out who the next Witness is while dealing with the rest of the crazy shit that was revealed at the end of the season.

After the season 3 finale I was curious about how the show could move on, but I guess all my questions will be answered, because Sleepy Hollow was just renewed for season 4.

You might be thinking this is weird because the show’s ratings have done nothing but fall since the season 1 premiere, and generally you’d be right. But because the show airs on a Friday night now, it doesn’t have nearly as much to compete with in its time slot and can afford those lower ratings.

Now we just have to figure out what kind of show it’s going to develop into. Last we saw it, Ichabod was made the head of a secret government agency that was in charge of the supernatural. Ezra, Abbie’s father, warned him that people did not want him to become the head, and that the organization has changed from what it was truly supposed to be.

The situation we’re left in makes it seem like the show is going to be more of a political drama, not so much about specific politics but about how the government handles Ichabod in his new role and how Ichabod will handle how the U.S. government has changed.

Are you excited for ‘Sleepy Hollow’ season 4?

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