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‘Shadowhunters’: What book fans hope for in the small screen adaptation

Shadowhunters premieres in less than a week! As loyal book readers, here are five things we hope to see in the small screen adaptation of The Mortal Instruments.

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Shadowhunters is the second attempt at adapting Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series and fans have high hopes that the TV version will bring all our favorite characters to life. While some characters can be changed, left out or adjusted to fit a certain need there are some characters that have to feel like they have popped out of the book fully formed. Jace, Magnus, Alec and Clary definitely fit the latter category. We are introduced to the Shadow World through Clary’s discoveries, so if Clary is drastically changed or sees the world differently than we expect it will definitely change the way the viewer/reader will see the world.

While the story is Clary’s to tell, Jace in particular carries a large portion of the story on his shoulders. Jace brings Clary into the Shadow World and eventually their storylines become very intertwined. It is unclear whether their romance will hit the same bumps as it does it in the books but that particular plotline is carried out through three novels so nixing it altogether could prove tricky. Jace needs to be the arrogant bad boy who also has a soft side that only his ‘family’ sees. It’s a balance that can be hard to find sometimes.

Shadowhunters group

Magnus and Alec are kind of a package deal and so very necessary to make this story work both as individuals and as a couple. Alec is a dynamic character in regards to his relationship with Jace and the others. He also has a secret that would change the way other shadowhunters look at him. Magnus Bane has lived for centuries and is a high warlock. He has seen the ancestors of these shadowhunters and plays a big part in Clary’s life, even if she doesn’t know it. Magnus is enigmatic and at times hedonistic.

The relationships of these characters is what drives the story and creates passion among the fans so it is incredibly important for Shadowhunters to get this aspect of the story right.

"Clary and SImon"

Fans also want to see the various downworlders that the shadowhunters will face. This includes the werewolves and vampires as well as the various demons that the mundanes can’t see. This part of the story is what makes the world so rich and interesting. It also plays a role in the future of some of the characters. The trickiest thing about this part of the story will be incorporating the special effects.

Lastly, fans want to see the storylines that made them love the books. Clare has talked about how some of the general items such as the look of the Institute and the age of the characters are different. From the sneak peek we saw we know that there are differences concerning the circle; however as long as the heart of the story is within the boundaries of the book fans should be able to make the connections they did to the book.

"Clary and Jace"

The book is broken up into two major plots. First, Clary is discovering the truth about who she is, and second is about Valentine and his search for the Mortal Cup. Both of these storylines are crucial to maintaining the heart of the story. Clary’s story line is definitely one that resonates with fans as she navigates a world she didn’t know she belonged to and relationships, new and old. There is a coming of age vibe to her story that fans can relate to as well as Clary’s conflicted feelings about the boys in her life.

As far as Valentine’s plotlines, they drive the over arcing plot that continues through three books. He is definitely the big bad with a devious plan, and how that plot unfolds in the adaptation matters to fans. Altering what Valentine does alters certain fates of the characters we love and the story we know so well.


Fans of books in general have come to understand the adaptation process and the fact that things are usually changed. But, how different is too different? Only time will tell if Shadowhunters will be the adaptation that fans have wanted for so very long.

What do you hope ‘Shadowhunters’ keeps from the books?

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