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‘Shadowhunters’ review 1×12: Magnus the wedding crasher

Shadowhunters 1×12, “Malec” was complete wish fulfillment for many fans. It also brought the drama and suspense, as Valentine’s mole was revealed inside the Institute.

This episode was quite possibly the best of the season. There were big moments for each character but none more so than Alec. He finally came clean about his feelings in a rather spectacular way. Then there was the heart to heart between him and Jace. It brought the parallels of their story lines to light. Then of course there was the arrival of angry Jace. I think this will be my favorite part about the character. Dominic Sherwood brings so much to this version of Jace that I really hope he stays around for a while.

Meanwhile, Clary and Alec play nice for a while and have an honest conversation with each other — that is, until Magnus calls Alec. He goes to Magnus’ where the ultimate confrontation happens. Magnus pushes Alec to own his feelings. He challenges him to say he loves Lydia or be honest with himself about his feelings for him. In turn Alec pushes back, explaining how hard it is and that Magnus doesn’t understand, that he is being selfish. Magnus leaves Alec with an ultimatum and disappears, literally.


Clary calls Simon just to talk and invites him to the wedding. Simon is overly giddy about the invite, and you can already tell he is thinking of how to win her over.

Jace, Clary and Hodge invite Magnus to the Institute in order to help narrow down which warlock is responsible for creating the sleeping potion for Jocelyn. Magnus is not fond of being in the Institute with all the wedding planning going on and has the unfortunate timing of running into Alec and Lydia. Magnus is becoming less and less pleasant the closer the wedding gets.

Magnus, Clary and Jace go to Ragnor Fell’s only to be greeted by protection wars. Eventually all of them find their way in and Ragnor Fell tells them about the Book of the White. He says it is necessary to wake up Jocelyn, and while he is no longer in possession of it, he thinks he has something that can help. When he goes to find it, a strax demon attacks and kills him.


Magnus sends Clary and Jace back to the Institute while he tends to Ragnor. Magnus takes all of Ragnor’s possessions back to his house in order to find what he was talking about. As he is looking through things Ragnor appears to him reminiscing about the past. Magnus talks about his failed relationship with Camille but Ragnor encourages to go after Alec and fight.

Isabelle tries to throw Alec a bachelor party but she is unsure of what makes a bachelor party. She visits Simon for advice. He is his usually funny self… just with fangs. Isabelle decides the best bachelor party is to bring Alec and Jace together to talk.


Their heart to heart is touching as Jace explains his very confused and messed up feelings for Clary. The best line of the night happens here: “And Clary is your sister, what’s up with that?” Oh Alec, rub a little more salt in that wound. It is the first time he truly explains how hard it is for him knowing she is his sister. He admits to Alec that he was falling in love with her. In turn Alec says he understands because the situation is confusing. He talks about someone pushing him off the path and emotions get in the way. Alec is so focused on fulfilling his duty that he ignores his feelings.

Then it is time for the wedding of the year. Everyone is playing along because they think that it is what Alec wants. As the ceremony begins Magnus appears and Alec freezes in the middle of his “vow.” Lydia gives Alec permission to walk away and he does. Maryse is not happy about Magnus’ arrival and she confronts Alec but he continues to stride back up the isle and kiss Magnus. That’s right, what took three books to achieve we get by the twelfth episode. Did anyone else catch the look/head tilt from Brother Jeremiah as they are kissing?


Dear Simon, you’re cute but the whole Graduate commentary was a bit much. He’s adorkable but it only goes so far.

Moving past the wedding we discover that the Book of the White is with Camille who Raphael has locked away in the dungeon of Hotel Dumort. I sense a new adventure coming up! After this discovery Clary invites Jace to her room. But just stop whatever it is you’re thinking — they are brother and sister now — she shows him the box conveniently marked with a J and C. This is the box that Jocelyn kept from her dead son. Clary tries to make Jace understand Jocelyn thought he was dead and Jace explains that his full name is Jonathon Christopher. Now had he just mentioned that Jace was a nickname, all this could have been avoided! Clearly there is a lesson to be learned here. Jace confesses that he feels he should be with Valentine, and that there is something bad in him.

Of course Alec and Magnus have to have the required confrontation with Maryse and Robert. Maryse is nasty as always, only concerned about the family’s appearance in front of the Clave. Robert is kinder but still not sure how to feel about his son and a warlock, never mind a male warlock. Honestly, is Maryse more upset that Alec likes a Downworlder or a male?


Hodge is a dirty, dirty double crosser. He knocks Lydia out and steals the cup. He then contacts Valentine asking for him to break the punishment that keeps him in the Institute; in return he will bring Valentine the cup and Jocelyn. No good can come of this Hodge!

I would ask you all what your favorite part of this episode was but I think I know what you would all say. It was the bachelor party, right?

What do you think will happen in the season finale of ‘Shadowhunters’?

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