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‘Shadowhunters’ 3×12 Worry Report: What will become of Izzy and Simon?

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Hypable’s Shadowhunters Worry Report wraps up who we’re concerned about, who is on the fringe, and whose story arc is just too devastating to even think about. Join us as we panic.

Welcome back to the Shadowhunters Worry Report 3B edition. Each week, we rank the characters we feel are on the brink of a breakdown, whose days are numbered, or who we simply cannot look at without feeling some butterflies in our stomach.

‘Shadowhunters’ Worry Report 3×12

Shadowhunters 3x12

The pairs are off on adventures to the unknown in Shadowhunters season 3, episode 12, “Original Sin.” One duo is out and about in Paris, another searching for the perfect memory in Queens, and the third is on a quest for answers deep in the sewers of New York City.

Arguably, each pair found what they were looking for. Jonathan saw where Clary’s loyalty would always lie, Magnus took a moment to see Alec’s perspective on what matters in the years ahead, and Simon decoded the legend of the Mark of Cain.

However, following each of those events, was a new danger. “Original Sin,” left Isabelle and Simon near comatose in the Seelie Realm, sent Jonathan into a demonic state, and left Luke without so much as a hug in Paris (the man needs a hug!).

As we head into 3×13, there are a few characters who will need a little extra TLC. Some runners up for this week’s Worry Report include: Cain who is in desperate need of a friend; Magnus’ new trainer who has quite the handful coming his way; and Meliorn needs a vacation from the Seelie Realm.

5. Luke

Why should we be worried about Luke? He has Clary back! His theory was proven correct! He got to go to Paris! While things seem on the up and up for Luke, there is a rough road ahead now that Clary is safe and sound. After leaving the pack and entrenching himself in work to aid the Shadowhunters yet again, Luke is not exactly in the best standing with some of his comrades. In fact, he hasn’t been for quite some time.

Shadowhunters season 3 luke

Maia’s return is going to be a reminder of the promises he made to not only the pack, but to those who also rely on him as a strong figure of familial leadership. Rediscovering where his priorities land is going to reveal a new Luke. Hopefully, he will find people like Jace who are willing to take on his ideas and help to fully develop them into a plan. Perhaps Marius could be of some help in that department.

4. The New York Institute

Though there was no mention of the ongoings of the “Guard” in “Original Sin,” the New York Institute and the likes of the professionals running it ( *looks at Alec*). While Jonathan is a threat to the entire Shadow World, his connection with Clary and by extension the New York Institute is going make things quite difficult for the gang.

3. Simon

For a pale vampire, Simon lost a lot of color by the end of his Mark of Cain removal ceremony. His complexion is the least of my worries after we see him drinking Isabelle’s arm. Simon is a person who absorbs the full weight of his actions. We see the way that Clary’s death affected him and how it helped to drive him to go through with the dangerous process of removing the Mark of Cain.

However, now he has another responsibility to absorb — helping Isabelle recover is likely going to takeover his priorities when he wakes up. Not that things were exactly going great for Simon to begin with, but how will his outlook on life change when he is faced with his second chance.

2. Isabelle

Isabelle is starting from zero once again. Over the course of the series, Isabelle’s struggle with addiction to yin fen, made from diluted vampire venom, served as a gateway to stronger urges, fueled by Raphael. In the end, Raphael and Isabelle made concentrated efforts to stay away from one another to help Izzy recover.

Shadowhunters season 3 Izzy

But now, in order to save Simon’s life, Isabelle offered her arm and sobriety to help Simon return from the brink of death. A bump in recovery is not unheard of, but for someone who has not been clean for too long, Isabelle will have to face the familiar internal demons of addiction a lot sooner than we’d like to see.

1. Clary

For all intents and purposes Clary is the safest among the entire group. However, she has a brother who is literally hell bent on making their family unit work. Physically, Clary cannot be harmed without Jonathan mimicking the injury. This came in handy as she made her escape at the end of 3×12, but how many more times can she stab herself to get away?

What worries me most about Clary is her determination take on situations entirely on her own. She is bold and confident, but at times rash. Mix that with Jonathan who is volatile nature that is fueled by jealousy and we’re in for a troubling combination as their storylines continue to mix in the coming weeks.

Shadowhunters season 3, episode 13, “Beati Bellicosi,” airs Monday, March 11 at 8:00 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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