‘Shadowhunters’ 2×06 puts purity to the test

12:14 am EST, February 7, 2017

Shadowhunters season 2 finally gives Malec fans what they want — Date night! Why is testing this relationship so important?

Purity is at the center of Shadowhunters season 2, episode 6. There’s more than one way to test someone’s purity. Alec and Magnus examine their love lives. Izzy and Aldertree blur the lines between healing and masking pain. And Jace’s bloodline continues to be a thorn in the Clave’s side.

In Shadowhunters, the purity trials extend far beyond the walls of the Iron Sisters’ Citadel.

Malec’s first date

“Nothing is wrong with you, far from it. You’re so innocent,” Magnus tells Alec during their first official date. The duo take a break from the wars, battles, and the daily grind of shadowhunters and warlocks. But in order to get comfortable with one another, they test their boundaries.

First, they hustle one another on the pool table. They quickly realize that they are most comfortable when they lean into their strengths. Alec attempts to make Magnus comfortable by trying a few libations. Magnus in turn gives Alec the truth.

It’s not an easy task to reveal harsh information. Alec’s lack of experience in the dating arena puts Magnus’ past under a microscope. The warlock’s journey through the centuries leaves him with roughly 17,000 memories of past lovers. While Alec can count on one hand the number of people he feels any emotional connection to.

The “innocence” of Alec’s love life causes Magnus to reflect on whether or not he’s the right fit for someone so delicate. But Magnus is caregiver and Alec is anything but delicate. Inexperienced in love? Sure. Hesitant to lean into emotions? Absolutely. But he is not helpless.

Alec pushes through his fears and inhibitions, he gets what he wants. And what he wants is a shot with Magnus. They find the seconds in between chaos to connect. And then… well…

The Iron Sisters

Sorry, but we have more purity issues to deal with in “Iron Sisters.” Izzy’s yin fen addiction keeps her from entering the Citadel. Drugs kill your childhood dreams, kids. Remember that.

Aldertree harps on the bloodlines of the Fairchild children. Valentine’s experimentation leaves Jace with demon blood coursing through his veins. Who’s to say that Clary was immune to his experiments?

shadowhunters 2x06

Blood purity may not be as extreme as let’s say Harry Potter, but it does play a role. Jace and Aldertree will never trust one another so long as Valentine’s demon blood runs in Jace’s body. In fact, he legally cannot throw Jace out of the Institute, but he can drive him to leave.

The divide between the angelic and the downworlders is a crucial piece of Valentine’s plan for the Soul Sword. Once activated the Soul Sword can have a dark purpose– summon and control the downworlders. Naturally, the Iron Sisters, like Aldertree, are on alert for anyone with a connection to the demons or Valentine.

Hence the most literal purity test. While Clary passes with flying colors, Izzy discovers that Aldertree conceals the fact that she is doping up with vampire venom. However, Izzy conceals the fact that Clary has access to some pretty impressive runes.

shadowhunter 2x06

Jace’s impurity casts him aside from everyone in the Clave. Izzy’s addiction to an impure substance keeps her from her dream of entering the Citadel. Cleophas and her brother Luke find their impurities keep them from their obligations. Magnus finds it hard to find mutual ground with Alec.

Going forward, everyone should take a cue from Lightwood’s playbook. Take time to weigh the consequences, but turn around and stand up in the face of hardships. Alec and Magnus may not be perfect for one another (blasphemy!) but they have to try to find out. Izzy may need Aldertree on her side one day, but she needs to protect Clary.

As for Jace, well, he needs to go back to the Clave on his terms. Not on a technicality.

Shadowhunters season 2, episode 7, “How Are Thou Fallen,” airs Monday, February 13 at 8:00 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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