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‘Shadowhunters’ 1×11 review: Yeah, they introduced THAT plot line

Shadowhunters 1×11 was filled with all kinds of crazy things, but the biggest reveal left at least one relationship destroyed and another still trying to figure out what it is going to be.

Readers of the books will not be surprised by the turn of events in the latest episode, but for non-book readers one of the major ships was sunk before it even really began. Valentine makes an appearance and drops some devastating news on Clary and Jace, but not before Clary manages to out maneuver the big bad.

The Inquisitor arrives and she means business. When she speaks to Lydia I almost feel a bit sorry for her, almost. The inquisitor is concerned that the Lightwoods behavior is reminiscent of what happened before the first uprising. The Inquisitor clearly has her own agenda and Isabelle is just a pawn for her to get what she wants.

Michael Wayland is rather interesting. He plays the role of father well and is concerned about Jace’s well-being, but something is just off about him. He speaks to Clary about her mother and father. He says Valentine loved her mother and he would love her too. Then of course there was the comment about destiny and bringing the families together.


Clary feels uneasy about Michael. She talks with Jace about the falcon story because she realizes it was Jace whose falcon was killed by his father. He insists that Michael was just teaching him a lesson and that it was his fault. Jace is incredibly vulnerable in that moment. It’s something we see very often but I like this side of Jace, it makes him feel more real.

Clary speaks with Jace about the alternate dimension and how they said and felt things there. Jace mutters something about this being real and an awkward make out session ensues. Once again an actual conversation about feelings eludes them. Something tells me all this avoiding of the conversation is going to bite them in the end.

It seems Valentine used Michael as a science experiment. He injected him with downworlder blood. Michael uses this as the reason he can hear what Valentine talk about his plan. Michael also picks up on Jace and Clary’s bond. He chastises Jace for allowing Clary to tell him what to do.


Clary and Luke check out Renwick’s, Valentine’s supposed hiding place. Clary tells Luke there is something off about Michael and she is concerned that he sounds an awful lot like Valentine. When Luke and Clary return to tell the others about what is happening they begin to plan. Clary insists they can take on the demons because she has the cup and the demons will have to obey her. Michael does point out that Valentine wants her to do that but Clary, stubborn girl, says she can handle it.

Michael, Jace, Clary, and Luke head to Renwick’s to find Jocelyn. Luke stays outside to fight some of the Circle while the others go inside. Clary actually thinks ahead and initially uses a fake Mortal Cup to control the demons. When Michael takes it he reveals himself to be Valentine (yeah we knew already too). Jace was shocked to say the least, but that reveal was only the beginning for Clary and Jace. Valentine then goes on to tell them that he is Jace’s father, he used a glamour to raise him as Michael Wayland. For those keeping track that makes Jace and Clary brother and sister.

This plotline runs through the first three books. It was excused away in the movie but it seems that the TV show is going for it. True fact, I threw the book when I got to this part. The best part of this reveal was Simon’s reaction, even though it was inappropriately happy. Seriously dude, try not to look so excited about the misfortune of others.


Oh my Magnus! He was feeling very saucy in this episode. Alec goes to him and asks for him to defend Isabelle. First off, his sass about Lydia was on point. Secondly, the “I’ll do you pro bono” line, I died. Harry Shum Jr. was so on his game in this scene. As much as I love Alec, watching him squirm in the face of Magnus’ anger/hurt was a good moment. I feel like Magnus is up to something by asking for his bow and quiver. Perhaps it is just so that Alec has to remember him every time he goes to use it and it is gone, although Magnus tends to play the long game so I think it is more than that.

Magnus is a badass attorney. He throws shade at the Clave and the Inquisitor. Isabelle also defends herself admirably saying that the Shadowhunters are no better than downworlders or Valentine. Magnus calls Lydia to the stand. In a bold move Lydia defies the Inquisitor and defends Isabelle. The Inquisitor says the only way for Isabelle to be free is if they are given the Mortal Cup.


Alec and Jace finally have it out. Alec is composed and makes it about his bond with Jace and Jace’s selfishness. The moment was intense and Jace seemed to realize this wasn’t about Alec’s feelings as much as it was about Alec not being able to trust Jace. In the end the Mortal Cup is given to Lydia and Isabelle is set free.

Magnus is comforting Isabelle when Alec comes to give her the good news. The tension between Magnus and Alec is thick, so many things unsaid. When Alec gives Magnus his bow they share a moment. Magnus tells Alec he likes Lydia and for one brief moment Alec looks relieved thinking Magnus understands but he doesn’t. The moment where Magnus tells Alec he doesn’t deserve to be lonely felt like a knife through the heart.

What was your favorite part of ‘Shadowhunters’ 1×11?

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