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‘Sense8’ finale trailer breakdown: Everything we wanted and more!

We’re only a few weeks away from the Sense8 series finale, and the end of the show we’ve loved so passionately. What is the trailer hinting at? Maybe at every single thing we wanted to see!

Thank Lana Wachowski, the Sense8 special is almost here! But of course, its arrival will be bittersweet. It’s great to finally get to see our favorite characters again, and get the answers we’ve been craving for so long, but it’s heartbreaking to have to say goodbye to such a great show.

The finale premieres on Netflix on June 8, and the final trailer has been released. And with two minutes’ worth of new footage, it’s time to break down what it was all about.

In true Sense8 fashion, there’s a lot going on at the same time, so let’s break things down by the questions we’re asking ourselves after this trailer:

sense8 finale meeting cluster

Are we getting that reunion? How does the timeline work?

We mostly expected there to be many different locations in this special, like in every other episode, but we did have doubts since it seemed like the cluster was finally together in the same place — maybe the special would just take place in Paris?

But we’re getting scenes all over the place! And since it seems unrealistic that the entire cluster could travel to multiple locations and meet so many different characters (although two hours is enough to make me believe anything) maybe we are getting the story of how the cluster managed to leave their respective countries, and the cluster reunion scene we were missing last season!

We also get a glimpse of Angelica, because of course the only way to make this show more confusing would be to introduce a non-linear narrative.

sense8 finale wolfgang

Is Wolfgang going to survive?

There’s a lot of Wolfgang in this trailer, and not just in Whisper’s clutches. We see him firing at enemies, hanging out with the cluster, and even kissing Kala. This could be a sign that he’s going to be able to escape BPO and find the rest of the cluster… or we’re just seeing the parts when he connects with them and is able to help them. But wouldn’t it be hard to help them if BPO is able to kill him at will?

Wolfgang’s future is still uncertain, but he seems to feature heavily in this special, which is exactly what we wanted.

sense8 finale bug shocked

What is everyone else doing?

This trailer has some excellent moments! For example, Bug’s face of absolute shock when seeing Will and Sun fight, followed shortly by Rajan’s. Is this a scene where both Rajan and Bug are actually in the same place? Are they seeing the entire cluster or just one person? (It would definitely be funnier if it was just one person.)

We already know that Bug is game with anything that comes up with Nomi and Amanita, but it’s looking like Rajan will be present, which raises questions: Is he going to find out about Kala’s connection to people all over the world? Is he going to find out about Wolfgang? Is he going to find out about Kala and Wolfgang — I mean, he deserves to know — and try to stop them? And what is going on with this assassination conspiracy of his?

sense8 finale nomanita

Amanita is also there, already an honorary member of the cluster, and we see a lot of great romantic scenes between her and Nomi… notably, a dramatic-looking kiss in India. We know there’ll be a wedding: will they get married in India?!

And the big shock: Detective Mun’s reappearance (is it bad that I just noticed the Sun/Moon thing?), a kiss, and maybe even better… Sun and Mun fighting side by side! This show is just checking off scene after scene on our wishlist!

sense8 finale beds

What is BPO up to? What is this ‘last mission’?

Sometimes I forget that BPO is a thing because I’m so caught up in the great moments between the members of the cluster. But BPO is very much a thing in this special, since presumably they’ll have to be completely defeated for us to get closure, and Wolfgang’s life is in serious danger. Whispers’ only role in this trailer is to hold a gun to his head, as if to accentuate the danger we’ve been terrified of for the past year.

But what are they actually doing? It might be worse than we thought. We get a shot of Wolfgang gazing down at a sea of beds… are those all sensates connected to their clusters?

We also see BPO storming a mansion… could it be the Old Man of Hoy’s? In the meantime, he and two other sensates who we’ve seen in passing last season, but have never introduced themselves, appear to meet with our cluster in what seems to be some big ruins. It looks like an important meeting. Maybe our cluster will have to free all the others, and hopefully save the future of the sense8 population. Maybe this “last mission” goes far beyond just saving Wolfgang.

sense8 finale questions

In the meantime, Whispers had better watch out. We’re getting close.

We’re near the end of this beloved show and it’s hard to believe so much time has passed since we fell in love with Nomi, Will, Lito, Capheus, Sun, Riley, Kala and Wolfgang. Judging by the trailer, this finale special might be everything we asked for and more.

Let’s hope all the sensates can escape unscathed.

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