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‘Selfie’ season 1, episodes 5 and 6 recap: Will they/won’t they? (They totally will)

Tonight’s two episodes of Selfie represent a big shift in the series: Eliza and Henry’s relationship is progressing fast, and we love it.

It’s getting to be that time when Selfie will either sink or swim, and man, we hope the show takes a big dip in that sacred lake of renewal, Henry-style.

Tonight’s double-up will hopefully give the show a bit of a ratings boost, but until we get the numbers, let’s focus on the actual content — which was spectacular.

Let’s get this straight: Selfie isn’t a howling-with-laughter type of show. It’s getting a lot better with its references, but for social media obsessives like us, some of the nods to various platforms (we hope they’re getting some kind of advertising income out of this, by the way) feel a little over-the-top.

But Selfie is an incredibly sweet, engaging story with fantastic actors and sizzling chemistry. And when the lines are funny, they’re really funny.

Tonight’s episodes both heavily featured Sam Saperstein (David Harewood), and the latter gave us our weekly dose of Charmonique (Da’Vine Joy Randolph). Both characters feel so fresh and original, and whenever they’re used for comic relief, it’s genius.

But of course our favourite scenes are the ones shared by Eliza (Karen Gillan) and Henry (John Cho), whose relationship has just the right amount of spark to keep the audience interested. We want them to get together like yesterday, and yet we want their unresolved sexual tension to last forever. You’re doing it right, Selfie.

Let’s discuss the finer points of the episodes:

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‘Selfie’ season 1, episode 5, “Even Hell Has Two Bars”


Selfie season 1 episode 5 Eliza Henry in a cart

In the first half hour, we journey back in time(ish) with Henry and Eliza, as they are both invited to Saperstein’s ranch.

Terrence (Samm Levine) presents Henry with a much-awaited invitation to Saperstein’s fancy Santa Barbara house, where usually only execs up for promotion are allowed to go (though we gotta say, Henry and Sam looked pretty tight back in their hippie days).

Henry is super excited about this, until he finds out that Eliza also got an invitation. There’s a hilarious sequence in which Eliza gives an example of her impressive exit from a room, but Henry is refusing to give in.

Henry is convinced that Eliza was invited as his plus one, and Eliza has some pretty great arguments for why that’s stupid — after all, she’s actually a pretty badass sales rep.

“I’m nobody’s plus one. I’m VIP, bitches,” she tells him. “Bitches? There’s just me. One bitch.” That was our first laugh of the night.

Saperstein kind of rains on her woman power parade, however, because it turns out that she IS Henry’s plus one.

Selfie season 1 episode 5 Eliza

Unfortunately Henry’s plans of horseback riding are continually squandered by Eliza’s more fun activities. See, like Michelle Obama, the Sapersteins shamelessly copy everything she does. It’s hard to be Eliza Dooley.

It’s clear that Saperstein and his wife (and their daughter, who of course is married to Terrence — oops, we forgot!) are more interested in having a good time than listening to Henry attempt to impress them.

With all the best intentions, Eliza sets Henry on a mission: to do something fun. And that’s a great plan, but unfortunately, the fun thing Henry decides to do is jump into a preserved lake.

Their ensuing argument proves just how much Eliza has come to care for Henry — a nice change, because so far, it’s mostly been him pining over her.

Henry apologizes to Saperstein, but the good-natured boss just sends him off with a smile and some relationship advice: “You’re a lot more lifelike” around Eliza, he tells Henry. You guys, Saperstein ships them hardcore.

Then, for some bizarre reason (but who cares, it was awesome), Henry goes to the stable, saddles up a horse, and rides it like 30 metres to where Eliza is standing.

Selfie season 1 episode 5 Henry on a horse

He tries to convince her that their friendship matters as much to him as his career, but she’s not buying it. “Admit it, you worship me,” she says. His counterpoint? “I… have grown accustomed to your face.” Second LOL from us.

And guys, they were TOTALLY going to kiss right there. Good thing they didn’t, because the show needs that chemistry and all, but damn.

In the final montage, Eliza is trying to concentrate on Freddy, but a picture of her and Henry distracts her. Clearly, there’s only one thing to do now…

‘Selfie’ season 1, episode 6, “Never Block Cookies”

Selfie season 1 episode 6 Eliza and Charmonique

Eliza decides to set Henry up on a date, because this is a TV show and not a two-hour romantic comedy so we need to foil the inevitable hook-up for at least a season more (and don’t get us wrong, we love it!).

She feels responsible for his lack of romantic conquests because she’s practically taking up all of his time (hellooooo!), so she enlists Charmonique’s help to rectify his supposed “problem.”

First, they try setting him up with the barista at the local coffee shop, but when she tries to give him a free cookie, Henry rejects it in the rudest possible way. Have we mentioned how much we love Henry and his grumpiness?

Selfie season 1 episode 6 Linda and Saperstein

Saperstein is distressed when Charmonique isn’t at her desk to wish people a good morning, so he takes it upon himself to do so, singing personalised songs for everybody. Have we also mentioned how much we love Saperstein? Oh, this show.

We also should give a shout-out to the b-plot of the episode, which is Saperstein dealing with his dislike of Terrence. There’s not much to say here, but it does end with a promotion, so that’s nice.

Meanwhile, Henry mistakes Eliza’s intentions when she unsubtly tries to interrogate Henry about his dating habits. She goes to his house, and they share a very heated moment — and Eliza flees the scene. Which, again, phew. Because they need to have some more of those almosts.

Charmonique and Eliza take Henry to meet all the women they’ve found, but they all look exactly like Eliza and Charmonique.

“Just because I’m not sexually promiscuous doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with me,” Henry says, clearly disappointed by Eliza once again (this seems to be a recurring theme).

Selfie season 1 episode 6 Allison Miller

But when Eliza goes to apologize, Henry just happens to stumble upon the female version of himself (played by a short-haired Allison Miller). And it’s clearly a match made in heaven — until they’ll inevitably realise that they’re too similar. Opposites attract, eh eh?!

To sum up: both fantastic episodes of a show that’s getting better each week. Hey ABC, pleasedon’tcancelitokthanksbye.

Selfie season 1, episode 7, “Landline,” airs next Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC.

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