3:56 pm EDT, July 20, 2018

SDCC: ‘Voltron’ panel confirms Shiro is queer, show end date, debuts season 7 trailer

The Voltron: Legendary Defender panel at San Diego Comic-Con dropped several huge reveals ahead of season 7, including the news that at least one of the characters identifies as queer.

Phew. There’s plenty to unpack after Voltron‘s SDCC 2018 panel, not least that we learned something huge about Shiro, the former Black Paladin and leader of Team Voltron.

So, let’s start with the trailer, and then break down everything that was announced at the panel, ahead of season 7’s premiere on August 10. And don’t worry about that noise, that’s just us sobbing about Shiro. A completely acceptable and reasonable response to learning that he identifies as queer.

As with most Voltron trailers, the one for season 7 promises to pick up right where the action left off. With the Castle of Lions sacrificed at the end of the sixth season, the Paladins must return to Earth, but the journey looks to be incredibly perilous. Sendak is looming large, and Earth might not be as safe as previously assumed.

(Oh, and another potential hazard for the Paladin’s long journey home? The Lions appear to have an issue with conserving their energy, leading to difficulties forming Voltron, which might complicate matters further.)

So, with the trailer out of the way — and our first official glimpse at Adam, Shiro’s ex-boyfriend — here’s everything we learned about Voltron at the San Diego Comic-Con panel.

  1. Voltron season 7 will be 13 episodes long, and premieres on August 10. The remaining 13 episodes will air by the end of 2018. That will be the culmination of Voltron.
  2. Takashi Shirogane is queer and had a boyfriend on Earth called Adam. He is the first confirmed LGBTQIA+ representation on the show, and we will meet Adam in season 7. Executive producer Lauren Montgomery said the two were flight partners at the Garrison, and that relationship developed into something stronger.
  3. Adam and Shiro’s relationship ended when Shiro made the decision to go to space on the Kerberos mission with Matt and Samuel Holt.
  4. Shiro had an undisclosed illness, which ultimately had him choose the Kerberos mission over his relationship with Adam. The two ended their relationship prior to Shiro’s leaving.
  5. According to Joaquim Dos Santos, the fight between Shiro and Keith in season 6 strengthened their bond. “If anything, it demonstrated just how dedicated Keith is to Shiro, and vice versa” he said. “They will be stronger for it.”
  6. The backstory between Shiro and Keith at the Garrison, pre-Kerberos, which was shown during a flashback in the season 7 episode screened at the panel, has been planned since the beginning of the show.
  7. One of Josh Hamilton’s favorite moments comes when the Paladins return to Earth and are — potentially — reunited with their families.
  8. There will be an episode called “The Feud” in season 7, which will follow a similar style to “Voltron Show” and “Monsters and Mana.” It is a game show episode.

‘Voltron’ season 7 premieres on Netflix on August 10

Stay tuned to Hypable for our interviews with the cast and crew at San Diego Comic-Con.

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