The Chanels are up to no good and a huge confession is made in the latest episode of Scream Queens titled “Black Friday.”

After having been served Gigi’s head on a platter in the last episode, the Chanels rebound and head out for some crucial Black Friday shopping the next day. They tell Munsch where they are going and head off to the mall. But, once they get to the mall, they get so dizzied up while they are shopping that they don’t realize the mall is shutting down. The lights go off, the doors get locked, and you guessed it: they’re being stalked by the Red Devil. After Chanel gets shot in the arm with an arrow, Denise somewhat saves the day as the new Chief of Police by interrupting the altercation. Of course, the Red Devil gets away, and the search continues. But not before the Red Devil manages to shoot a security guard square in the head.

However back at the house, Kappa decide that Dean Munsch is definitely the killer. Chanel thinks that the next obvious plan of action, now that they think that Munsch is the killer, is to kill Munsch herself. The sisterhood is as strong as ever. So much so that even Grace, who has spent the entire season trying to track down who exactly the killer or killers could be, agrees to a sinister plan to kill Dean Munsch.

The first attempt on Dean Munsch’s life, Chanel and Grace present apple cider (Munsch’s favorite drink) to her full of puffer fish venom that will surely kill her. But, surprise, she survives it. The second attempt on her life is putting her in a cryo-chamber and lowering the temperature so far that she freezes to death. But, after opening the door, she says she never felt better. Lastly, after another one of Hester’s tales, they decide the only way to kill Munsch is to drown her. So she shows up to meet Chanel at the pool to talk about feminism, but this time Munsch isn’t buying it. It’s clear that Munsch knows Chanel is up to something for the first time the entire episode, before storming away from the scene.


After Pete and Wes were done meeting about potential details of Gigi and her sister, Pete heads back to his dorm and gets a strange call. We’re not certain who is on the phone but he basically tells whoever it is that they need to get off campus. Later, Grace returns to his dorm and says that she is ready to have sex for the first time with him but caring, compassionate Pete says he can’t do it. “I don’t want your first time to be with a murderer,” he says.

So is Pete a murderer? Sounds like it. But is he the Red Devil? It’s unlikely. This all feels like an attempt to throw us off the scent. Plus, as the folklore goes, the Red Devil that remains is Boone’s sister, right? With the remaining girls in the episode pretty clearly not Boone’s sister, it seems that the Red Devil is either Grace herself or someone who has been unidentified as Boone’s sister, right?

Next week is the two-hour season finale where we will surely get the shocking truth and hopefully all of our bows will be tied up. We’ll hopefully get an understanding of where a potential season 2 could go after spending a whole season trying to figure out the identity of these masked murderers.

For the last time this season, who do you think the Red Devil will be when it’s revealed on next week’s episode of Scream Queens?

Death Count, episode 11, ‘Black Friday’

Random security guard

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