1:15 pm EDT, October 14, 2015

Cover Reveal: ‘The School for Good and Evil Handbook’

Soman Chainani is the author of The School for Good and Evil series, and his latest book is a guide for students who want to be the best at the academic institution.

The series tells the story of the children spirited away to the School for Good and Evil, who train to become heroes and villains. This isn’t your typical fairy tale but it does use the typical fairy tale tropes to create a vivid story filled with humor. The story is smartly told as it questions the true meaning of friendship, good and evil, and how our choices affect our future. This is definitely a series worth reading, and the latest novel is a great addition to the series.


About ‘The School For Good and Evil: Ever Never Handbook,’ on sale July 19, 2016

Every four years, two Reader children are kidnapped and brought to the School for Good and Evil to be trained for a life in a fairy tale. There, Evers and Nevers take courses in Animal Communication and Uglification, among others. The highest ranked students become the heroes and villains of the fairy tales — while the lowest, well, we don’t want to talk about what becomes of them.

This handbook contains the scoop students need in order to get to the top of their class — the fairy tales you need to know, the myths it’s dangerous not to know, spells you won’t live without, Who’s Who and What’s What, and much more. And of course, it’s all in glorious color because in the School for Good and Evil, nothing is black and white.

About the author

Soman Chainani believes in fairy tales wholeheartedly. When studying at Harvard, he practically created his own fairy-tale major. He is an acclaimed screenwriter and a graduate of the MFA Film Directing Program at Columbia University. His films have played at more than 150 film festivals around the world, and his writing awards include an honor from the Sun Valley Writers’ Conference. He lives in New York City. You can visit him online at The School for Good and Evil website.

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