Scandal season 6 is finally here! But let’s be real: the last two minutes are all that matter. So let’s talk about them!

Every single week that Scandal airs a new episode, you hear some variation of the following:

“The first 10 minutes will BLOW. YOU. AWAY.”

“Stay tuned until the VERY. LAST. SECOND.”

“The middle four minutes and fifty-five seconds will CHANGE. EVERYTHING.”

You get the gist. Scandal has a knack for ending relationships, leaving people at gunpoint, and revealing all sorts of new information in the final two minutes of the show. That is why we are only going to focus on those two minutes.

‘Scandal’ season 6 premiere: The final 2 minutes

Scandal season 6 has a new president. But Fitz is not going to be a lame duck president. In fact, he is going to have quite the exit from the Oval. With Vargas dead on the table, Fitz heads to the hospital to prepare Cyrus for office. Six seasons into Scandal‘s run and Mellie Grant still cannot catch a break.

scandal season 6 premiere

The framing device of the episode let us know that come daybreak, a cabin in the woods explodes. As the sun set on Vargas’ life and began to rise on Cyrus Beene’s campaign for the Electoral College vote, our thoughts turn to the cabin. Who is inside? Which woman runs off for walks in the forest after a campaign? Oh wait… we actually know one other.

Fitz takes the podium to let the nation know that Vargas is dead, and a lost voicemail in the call log appears!


Stop clapping, you gullible, gullible man!

The woman, Jennifer Fields, leaves a message indicating that Cyrus Beene murdered Frankie Vargas. Fields, unfortunately, is the woman in the cabin, making Olivia Pope’s job that much tougher.

Charlie and Quinn are engaged! What are the odds that she will wear the red ring taken from Fields’ crispy hand? Quinn’s twisted that way!

Has anyone seen Jake?

scandal jake

He probably needed a snack after delivering that envelope.

Finally, Olivia charges into Cyrus’ office leading him on with fake condolences that bury her wry smile. She knows and he is going to pay. There’s the Olivia Pope we know and love! Why does she ever doubt her gut, or Rowan for that matter? They are right 99.9% of the time.

“Hardball” promises to pit Pope against Beene. What will unfold as the episode progresses? Who cares? The last two minutes are all that matter!

Watch Scandal season 6, episode 2, “Hardball,” Thursday, February 2 at 9:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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