The Scandal season 3 finale airs this Thursday on ABC, and as we eagerly anticipate the final episode, we have several predictions to make.

Scroll through the gallery to view all seven, and read about each in more detail below.

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Our predictions…


1) Vice President Sally will die when the bomb goes off at the senator’s funeral. Leo Bergen, her campaign manager, will probably die too. This in turn will mean that Fitz will win the election and have another four years (the remainder of Scandal’s life?) as President of the United States. We have to wonder if the blood on Sally’s face earlier this season after she killed her husband was a bit of foreshadowing.

2) Cyrus won’t feel a tad bit guilty about his decision to do nothing about the bomb. By killing Sally, he has guaranteed that he and Fitz will have jobs for another four years. Plus the annoying Sally and Leo will be out of his life after months of tormenting. What could be better?

3) Fitz and the White House will put all their resources into taking down Maya after the bomb goes off and kills Sally. The final few days will be somber before the election, and if viewers do see election formalities take place, it could be pretty emotional.

4) Huck and Quinn won’t make amends despite their make out sessions. Their relationship has been rocky this season and will continue into next. As much as we don’t like Quinn, we have to admit that seeing her and Huck form some sort of relationship would be pretty interesting for at least a couple episodes.

5) Rowan will survive his wounds from Maya and end up being a bad guy, because when it comes to the love interests and enemies in Olivia’s life, stories move in circles. Rowan was the bad guy, then it was Maya. Now it’ll be Rowan again. One clue into his true intentions appeared last week when Jake warned Olivia that her father is wearing a mask and will take it off. We imagine it won’t happen until Maya is dead or gone. Speaking of Maya…

6) Maya will survive but run away. This character was lurking in the shadows for a long time and will probably disappear again so she can continue to pose a threat from a distance. The heat can never be turned down on Scandal.

7) Mellie will come clean to Fitz about who is the father of Jerry. At least, we’re hoping so. Viewers learned this news earlier in the season, and in a trailer for the finale we see Fitz coming into a room where Mellie sits upset. One could argue that this shot could just be of Mellie feeling sad about the bombing.

What are your ‘Scandal’ season finale predictions?


Watch the trailer below to come up with your own predictions and read our recap to refresh yourself on where things stand.

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