Three photos from the set of Rupert Grint’s new CBS comedy pilot Super Clyde have surfaced and offer a first look at our favorite redhead in the role.

The first picture to surface was this one, which includes a glimpse at Stephen Fry (in the pic on the right). He’s set to co-star as Clyde’s butler:

Rupert Grint in CBS comedy pilot 'Super Clyde'

Next is a photo with Tyler Labine on Grint’s right, who will play his brother. The woman on Grint’s left is currently unidentified.

Rupert Grint in CBS comedy pilot 'Super Clyde'

Lastly, there was a photo tweeted by Stanley Miller, a young actor who — guessing by his looks — could play Clyde’s younger brother on the show. Or he could play a younger version of Clyde in a flashback. Miller’s only other credit is a small role in American Horror Story. Aren’t they cute together?

Rupert Grint in CBS comedy pilot 'Super Clyde'

Super Clyde is expected to premiere this Fall on CBS. It follows the story of fast food worker Clyde, who uses money inherited from his uncle to become a superhero of sorts by using his $100,000 weekly inheritance to do good deeds. It is currently in the pilot stage, meaning the show may not get a full season order. If it does, it will be Grint’s biggest project to date since the Harry Potter film series ended in 2011.

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