12:15 pm EST, December 4, 2013

Ron Burgundy goes on major promotional campaign: His best moments so far

Will Ferrell has been bringing new Ron Burgundy quotes all around the country to promote the upcoming release of Anchorman 2.

Whether it be at a small news station in North Dakota or at ESPN interviewing Peyton Manning, we’ve rounded up some of his finer moments so far.

1) North Dakota newsman

Ron Burgundy co-hosted a Bismark, North Dakota news broadcast for the entire half hour and played it off like a real reporter. Although it’s 30 minutes long, it’s worth a watch for the moments that remind you of Ron’s days helming the San Diego news. We can only imagine what’s going through his head as he broadcasts from North Dakota.

2) Sports anchor

Burgundy will appear on ESPN this Thursday at 6 p.m. eastern to host SportsCenter, but for now we have highlights from a special interview with football star Peyton Manning. On Thursday Burgundy will be joined by Anchorman co-star Champ Kind.

3) Car salesman… and naysayer

As we reported previously, Ron Burgundy did a series of ads for Dodge Durango which boosted sales by 59%. Asked about the success on Conan, Burgundy said the cars are “terrible” and cited poor craftsmanship.

4) ‘The Project’

Ron’s appearances have stretched worldwide. He traveled down under to be a guest on an Australia talk program and was asked about a variety of topics including the importance of news.

5) Author

The release of his first book prompted an event at Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles where Ron spoke and signed autographs for fans. In two short clips below you can see how he interacted with the audience in a public setting flanked by security guards:

Ferrell has stayed in character for all of his Anchorman promotional appearances so far, and we expect this to continue leading up to its release in two weeks.

Burgundy has also been the subject of several new products including a memoir written by the character, Ben & Jerry’s “Scotchy Scotch Scotch” ice cream, and most recently a Burgundy-labeled scotch liquor by Riviera Imports.

What are your favorite Ron Burgundy quotes?

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