Fans of The Walking Dead comic series are already looking forward to season three of the show because they know that fan favorite character The Governor will be entering the scene.

AMC cast the role last week, and now comic creator Robert Kirkman is talking about why they cast David Morrissey.

From MTV Splash Page:

“More than any other actor, David Morrissey came in and wanted to embrace everything that there is to the Governor,” Kirkman told MTV News about Morrissey’s casting. “He knew this is a complicated character, and he knew this was a character that people are going to hate to love.”

“He recognized that this character is a villain,” he continued. “A lot of people came in and were like, ‘But he’s a good guy inside, right?’ They want that nuance, and that’s definitely important. We definitely have that. The Governor isn’t a one-note character; there are a lot of layers to that onion. But this is a sadistic guy. David Morrissey, more than any other actor, really wanted to sink his teeth into that role. He wants to embrace everything there is about the Governor.”

Later in the interview Kirkman promises that they are going to do the character justice. They seem to understand how important getting this role/character right is, so we’re very excited to see him on screen in season three!

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