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‘Riverdale’ season 4, episode 14 review: There’s something about Mary

Riverdale season 4, episode 14, “Chapter Seventy-One: How to Get Away with Murder,” explored the aftermath of Jughead’s alleged death.

…yet somehow, Jughead was still narrating the story!

Thankfully, Riverdale season 4, episode 14, “Chapter Seventy-One: How to Get Away with Murder” didn’t do anything more to make me believe that Jughead is actually dead. In fact, quite the opposite.

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On top of the fact that Jughead remains the narrator of the story, which is usually a role that’s reserved for people who are…you know, alive to tell it, this episode of Riverdale definitely didn’t feel like an episode that followed a significant death. It was completely absent of grief.

Betty, Archie and Veronica were all freaking out in their own way, but their uneasiness stemmed almost entirely from their own involvement with the death, rather than the death itself. There’s not really a “normal” way to act after your friend or boyfriend dies, but it’s certainly not whatever these three were doing.

riverdale season 4, episode 14, betty and donna

Understandably, most of the episode centered around Betty’s reaction. By virtue of being Jughead’s girlfriend, being the one found with the alleged murder weapon, and having her own beef with the Stonewall Preppies, she’s the closest to the situation. Other than a few minor meltdowns, Betty was all business in Riverdale season 4, episode 14. However, there were definitely some chinks in her armor.

While she was continually focused on the task at hand, you could tell she was off her game. She completely fumbled her explanations to Alice when she returned home (I still don’t understand why they had to burn their clothes) and to F.P. when he asked about Jughead’s phone. Her answers were good, but they weren’t “Betty” good. She’s stayed so calm, cool and collected through so much. It seems like she’s really thrown.

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Many fans speculate that Jughead has a plan and Betty’s in on it, but unless lying poorly to make her a bigger suspect is part of the ruse (which is totally possible), I’m not seeing it. However, that would explain why she’s not really grieving over her dead boyfriend.

Another explanation could be that she’s too focused on justice to grieve. For Betty, justice means making the kids at Stonewall Prep pay. We still have no idea exactly what they’ve done, but there’s literally always something shady going on with them, and this will be no exception.

I’m so glad we know that Donna drugged Betty instead of triggering her, but I wish we didn’t have to go through Charles to get that information. It’s so frustrating that they’re trusting him with all this stuff when we know he’s a bad guy! It kind of makes it feel like whatever progress they make will be for nothing if he’s wrapped up in it.

As for the progress, I was really worried that Betty was playing right into Donna’s hand by having the body found, but it appears that she made the right move. If Betty’s right and Donna is scared, the Riverdale High kids might finally have the upperhand on the Stonewall Preppies.

I really liked the scene where Betty confronted Donna at the end of Riverdale season 4, episode 14, but I do wish they weren’t making this fight strictly a girl vs girl thing. On top of the fact that the trope is played out, it’s also pretty random. Bret has been the Stonewall alpha for the whole season.

riverdale season 4, episode 14

I’ve never been so happy to see Archie fight someone as I was to see him coming for Bret. It was truly amazing and he’s had it coming for far too long. Betty was 100% right. That is exactly what Archie Andrews would do after losing his best friend.

So why the hell wasn’t he doing it?

I think Riverdale season 4, episode 14 was the most level-headed I’ve ever seen Archie. Did this last tragedy tip the scales from vigilante Archie back to regular Archie? Finally?! I don’t understand it, but I’ll take it.

I’m interested to see what he tells his mother, since she’s a lawyer and could actually offer some insight. I’m also eager to see more of Mary’s new girlfriend! I love this storyline for her. It would’ve been tough to handle another man coming anywhere close to Fred’s place in Archie’s life, but I’m glad we still get to see Mary find love.

I’m also hoping the naval academy talk was just an excuse to bring her girlfriend around. Archie doesn’t seem into it, but it is a potential future for him. Although, if Veronica will be staying in Riverdale for another year, he might have a good reason to stick around at the El Royale.

I still can’t stomach this Hiram storyline. Screw him for asking Veronica to “try to get along” with the evil half-sister that he purposefully paraded in front of her as a tease. I was so glad when Veronica put Hermosa in her place.

Veronica also seemed to be taking everything in stride. Even the fact that the Stonewall Preppies are potentially trying to ruin her chances at college. Again, this is just another reason why I don’t believe Jughead is really dead. It just doesn’t feel right.

Donna mentioned “the perfect murder” in Riverdale season 4, episode 14, and I still think that’s the most compelling explanation for Jughead’s alleged death. This is just part of someone’s “perfect murder” story. Presumably Jughead’s own, since he’s the one narrating it. Let me know your own theories in the comments!

That’s almost it for this week. However, since it’s Riverdale’s senior year, each week I will be giving out some yearbook superlatives for the episode. Check them out here!

‘Riverdale’ season 4, episode 14 awards

Cutest couple: Falice. Their co-parenting moment was perfect.
Best dressed: Charles. I can respect a well worn suit when I see one.
Most likely to have people forget they live with them: Jellybean. Literally completely forgot she was there.
Most likely to keep exploring her sexuality well into adulthood: Mary Andrews and I am so here for it.
Most likely to start a cult from prison: Evelyn. That girl is still culty as hell.
Most likely to join a cult in prison: Donna. She’s going down, and she and Evelyn are a match made in heaven.

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