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What does Ricky Whittle’s ‘American Gods’ casting mean for Lincoln on ‘The 100’?

While we are all incredibly happy for what this huge new role means for Ricky Whittle’s career, we can’t help but wonder what this bodes for Lincoln on The 100.

Fans of The 100 learned this morning that Ricky Whittle has landed the lead role on Starz’ adaptation of American Gods. While we are all insanely happy for Whittle and what this role can (and will) do for his career, we can’t help but worry about what this means for our favorite Grounder.

Lincoln has played a vital role on The 100, ever since we first spotted him in full Grounder garb perched in a tree at the end of the second episode. He quickly morphed from scout to Octavia’s protector, from protector to prisoner, and finally, from prisoner to friend.

The 100 season 3 premiere Wanheda Part 1 still Ricky Whittle Lincoln

His evolution hasn’t been easy, but it’s played an important role in Grounder and Sky People relations. Without Lincoln to act as a go between in those early days, there’s no way the hundred would have survived, let alone Octavia.

His role now has morphed from being Octavia’s love interest to being a valued member of Arkadian society. In the season 3 premiere alone we saw him training new guard recruits, advising Abby on how they should handle supply runs to Mount Weather, and bridging the cultural divide between Grounders and Arkers.

There are 4 basic options for what this new role for Ricky could mean for Lincoln

Lincoln lives and the shows work together to figure out scheduling

The 100 season 3 has wrapped its filming, so Whittle is currently free until filming begins again (hopefully) for season 4 of The 100. We know that American Gods begins filming in April, so they could feasibly be done in time for Whittle to return for The 100 season 4, which would commence this fall. It’s totally possible, but it would mean a crazy busy schedule for Ricky Whittle. We’d be lucky to have double the Ricky on our screens. This is the best case scenario.

Lincoln appears on a limited basis for a while, maybe fleeing for his life and/or is kidnapped

The second option is a happy medium. Nobody wants to say goodbye to Lincoln on The 100, so it’s always a possibility that they scale back his character’s presence for a while. Either Lincoln leaves to protect himself from the kill order issued by Lexa, or he is taken hostage somewhere far removed and we don’t see him in every episode anymore. We’d be sad to lose our weekly dose of Lincoln, but if this is what we must endure to still have him show up on The 100 as often as his busy schedule permits, we will happily accept it.

Lincoln exits the show without dying and we have the possibility of his returning later on

If Ricky Whittle has to leave The 100 for a time to fully commit to his new role, this is definitely the best case scenario. If Lincoln isn’t killed off of The 100, but Ricky leaves the show, there is always the possibility of his return later on in the series if schedules can be worked out. We’d definitely miss him, but knowing that Lincoln is alive and well somewhere on the ground would be a lovely parting gift for fans.

Lincoln dies on ‘The 100’ and Ricky moves on to playing Shadow Moon full time on ‘American Gods’

Sadly, this could mean the end for Lincoln. Since The 100 season 3 filming is complete, Whittle knows the fate of his character’s current arc. He may have begun auditioning for other projects due to Lincoln’s death on The 100. None of us want it to be true, but it’s a possibility we must face. If this is the case, we just hope that Lincoln’s death is fitting of the warrior he’s been in the first two seasons, and that it raises the stakes for everyone else in the process.

Nobody wants to believe that Ricky Whittle could move on from The 100, but he’s a very talented actor and we wish him all the best. Hopefully this doesn’t mean anything for Lincoln on The 100, but either way we are excited for all this means for his career.

Make sure to tuned for The 100 tonight at 9 p.m. EST on the CW and see what season 3 has in store for Lincoln and all our other favorites.

What do you think will happen to Lincoln on ‘The 100’ season 3 based on this news?

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