In a short video clip, author Rick Riordan talks about the role that the god Hades will have in his upcoming book, House of Hades.

You can watch the video below, which was featured on The Guardian.

Mark of Athena, the third book in the Heroes of Olympus series, left us off on a literal cliffhanger. Percy and Annabeth fell into the Underworld as they were attempting to defeat Arachne.

House of Hades will be about the consequences of that action, when the other demigods have to choose to close the Doors of Death, whether or not Percy and Annabeth are there in time to escape.

House of Hades will, obviously, feature quite a bit of the god of the Underworld. In the video, Riordan says, “I think being a son or daughter of Hades might be the hardest job in the demigod world.” He goes on to say that Hades isn’t exactly going to win a Father of the Year award.

However, “I think he understands, kind of, the outsider feeling that demigods have because Hades was the big outsider among the Olympians,” he explains. It’ll definitely be a question of whether or not Hades will be an ally or an enemy. He’s helped Percy in the past, but a second time might just be over his helping-a-demigod quota.

The video also seems to focus on how difficult it is to be the child of Hades. Could we be seeing an even more prominent role from Nico and Hazel, the latter of which is the daughter of Pluto and Nico’s half-sister?

We’ll all find out on October 8, when The House of Hades is released.

In other ‘Percy Jackson’ news…

Yesterday we got to read the latest short story from Rick Riordan, which is titled “Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo.” It’s a hilarious short about a quest Apollo gave to Grover and Percy, and the pants-less adventure that followed.

Don’t forget that Riordan will also be going on tour to promote House of Hades. You can read about the stops he’ll be making in our previous story.

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