Still eagerly awaiting your invitation to play Merlin: The Game? Check out our review and find out what you can expect when you enter the world of Camelot!

The MerlinFacebook game was created by Bossa Studios, and while pre-registration has been available for months, fans with special Comic-Con codes are only just beginning to gain access to the beta.

Previously, Hypable brought you an exclusive interview with the creators of the game, and now we are happy to present an early review!

As soon as the game loads up, you are automatically thrust into the magical world of Merlin‘s Camelot, and find yourself in the Darkling Forest surrounded by giant spiders.

At this point you might find yourself at a panic of what to do and how to go about defeating these dark magical creatures you’ve suddenly been faced. Don’t worry, Merlin fans – one thing this game does very well is instruct you how to play as you go along.

Players meet Merlin right from the get-go and he becomes your guide, showing you how to control your player and helping you find your way to Camelot.

The Camelot citadel acts as your home base. This is where you will go to collect your rations, buy armor and weaponry, and learn of the tasks you must complete to move forward in the game.

As far as how the game plays, it should be noted that Merlin: The Game is very user friendly.

Whereas some computer games require you to use multiple keys to make your character move around or fight off danger, here you have the ability to use your mouse for most things. Moving your character from one place to another to swinging your sword when you’re being attacked can easily be done with the click of a button.

Additionally, simple keyboard shortcuts for things like casting spells are introduced as you make your way through the quests set upon you by characters like Gaius, Arthur and Merlin.

While easily being able to control your character might make playing easier for those who consider themselves to be computer game novices, more advanced gamers might find the easy skill level of the game to be a bit boring. However, the creators have expressed the desire to continue the development of the game based on an ongoing interaction with fans and players, so expect more content and gameplay to be added later!

In our exclusive interview with Merlin: The Game creators at Bossa Studios, we reported that you play the game as a character of your own design. While the beta test allows for some modifications of what your character looks like, there aren’t as many choices as far as modifying a character’s appearance as some fans may have originally hoped for.

Players have the option of choosing the gender of their character and adjusting their skin tone but as far as physical features go, you are limited to picking one of the six pre-designed characters the game has available.

The one thing that is a bit bothering about the game is that you need a certain number of rations to complete quests and if you run out, you are stuck waiting until rations are distributed in the citadel before you can play again. This makes it difficult for continuous play of the game as rations are distributed every half hour. On the other hand, your rations seem to build up over the course of the day even if you walk away from your computer.

Bottom line, Merlin: The Game will offer players a different way to experience adventure inspired by the show itself. Fans of the series will thoroughly enjoy this fun new way to immerse themselves into the magical world of Merlin while they fight alongside their favorite characters to protect Camelot from the forces of evil.

Have you been invited to play in the closed beta testing of Merlin: The Game yet? If so, let us know what you think of the game in the comments below!

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