Mason Treadwell has been giving Emily a lot of trouble lately on Revenge, but in tonight’s episode, she worked with the mess she was given and gains the advantage. Read on in our Revenge recap for the full scoop.

Mason has been digging into Emily and Amanda’s past for quite some time, and now he thinks he’s figured out their secret. He believes the two were lovers at Allenwood juvenile detention center, and now wealthy Emily is footing the bill for Amanda’s revenge plot. Mason wants to publish this story, but Emily threatens libel, so he tries to get the details from Amanda.

At first Amanda agrees to meet with Mason, but Emily forces her to call it off and threatens a restraining order against Mason. Emily is afraid Amanda will kill Mason if the two end up alone together.

It turns out, Emily is right.

After Mason shows up at the Stowaway, Amanda gives him a sob story about how Emily is the mastermind and controls Amanda, then makes plans to meet him alone at his house. Inside his home office, Mason reveals his research to Amanda, and she takes an opportunity to swing at him with a crowbar.

Mason Treadwell

Emily shows up in the nick of time, Amanda leaves, and Emily divulges to Mason that she is actually Amanda Clarke. Then she frames him for the murder of Gordon Murphy (with Nolan’s help) and convinces Mason to confess to the crime.

When he refuses, she gives him an offer too good to pass up – she will confess after her father’s death is vindicated, and then she will give him the green light to write her life story. He concedes, and Emily finally has the advantage again. Her little chess pieces are falling nicely back into place.

Before Mason is arrested, however, he tells Kara a little too much about the Graysons’ involvement in David Clarke’s murder, which causes her to run back to Grayson Manor with bloodlust. Emily has to clean up this mess now too, and uses Aiden to help her out.

The Graysons are becoming more entwined in Americon Initiative’s plans, especially since one of their members, Helen Crawley, has now paid a visit to their home (along with other Grayson Global investors). Victoria and Conrad have decided that if Amricon Initiative is going to bring down the Graysons, Victoria will pull the Initiative down along with them.

At this little gathering planned to convince Grayson Global supports not to pull their investments (since Conrad’s arraignment is the next day), Daniel tries to get the big investors on his side by promising that he will now run Grayson Global, not his father.

Daniel Grayon

This works in with Emily’s plan, so that now she can have more control of Grayson Global’s information and actions. One casualty in this power switch has to be Nolan because he must reveal that his initial investor was David Clarke. Shady business like that means some bad news for Nolan.

He does it to help Emily, giving Aiden the original check from David Clarke, claiming he doesn’t want to lose “the only real family” he’s ever had. Aww. We love Nolan’s devotion to Emily, even if she takes advantage of him sometimes.

Kara causes problems for the Graysons when she books a flight to Colorado Springs, but then skips out on the flight after Mason tells her of Victoria and Conrad’s involvement in framing David Clarke in the terrorist attack. So naturally, she goes after them and holds them at gunpoint after cutting power to the security cameras in the Graysons’ bedroom.

Victoria tells Kara that Gordon actually killed David Clarke, and Conrad tries to appeal to her emotional side.

Luckily Emily figures out Kara’s plan, and sends Aiden (who is already at Grayson Manor for the investor function) to investigate. The chloroform in his briefcase comes in handy, and he uses it on Kara right before she’s about to shoot the kneeling, blindfolded Graysons.

After this incident with Kara, the Graysons think the Initiative sent her there and blacked out the camera, and the two seem much more amicable.

Aiden takes Kara to Emily, who convinces Kara that Aiden is actually an FBI agent, and they set her up to get out of town. They claim to give her a pass since she was off of her medication. In a final moment with Kara, Emily asks her if she wants her to tell Amanda anything.

“Just tell her I wish I could have been a better mother.”

Aiden tries to comfort Emily, but she continues to push him away. Eventually, though, Emily gives in and kisses him when she finds him waiting for her on her porch.

Emily and Aiden

We shouted our hurrahs when this happened. We would love to see this relationship work out.

In Jack’s neck of the woods, Kenny brings his brother Nate into town, and it looks like the two of them are trying to buy up the whole shoreline. Kenny thinks Jack is a nice guy, but it seems like his father didn’t do right by these guys. Does this mean more trouble for Jack?

What did you think of ‘Penance’? Is Mason out the picture for good?

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