Last night on Revenge we saw Victoria and Conrad remarry, but there were some complications, and Emily and Amanda tried to throw Mason Treadwell off their scent. Check out our Revenge recap to learn more.

Though the focus of the episode is mostly on Victoria and Conrad’s wedding, everything is set into motion with Emily and Amanda trying to throw Mason off their scent. Emily crafts a convincing story about having the burn scar on her back removed, which Mason takes from Amanda because Amanda also feeds him information about Gordon Murphy.

Mason, the investigative journalist and media hound that he is, discovers Gordon dead in his apartment, with one of Conrad’s cufflinks left behind. All of which was Emily’s doing. Mason calls the police, but then he calls Victoria to let her know that her husband might be spending their wedding night in jail. Victoria seems pretty pleased with the events unfolding.

So Victoria and Conrad prepare for their nuptials, and Conrad gives Victoria the classic pre-wedding gift of her very own handgun. We wonder when that will come into play again.

The ceremony goes off without a hitch while Treadwell and the police search the Graysons’ house for evidence against Conrad (which Emily made sure was there), and everyone is celebrating at Victoria and Conrad’s reception.

Aiden watches Emily

Emily gets an invite through Aiden, and Nolan and Padma also make the list. Padma talks to Daniel and tries to convince him that NolCorp doesn’t need the David Clarke records after all, and Daniel had discovered earlier that they were missing from Grayson Global’s system. Nolan later warns Padma that she’s poked a hornet’s nest that’s out of her league.

With all the dancing taking place, Daniel gets a hint from his mother that he might need to lead Grayson Global sooner than later, and it also gives Emily and Daniel a little alone time. Daniel reminisces about whether or not they could have made it work, but the potentially romantic moment is interrupted by the cops.

We liked Nolan’s reference to this move on Emily’s part as a “revenge all-star opportunity.”

Conrad is arrested

Conrad is arrested, and he thinks Victoria has something to do with it. She didn’t plan the arrest, but she did forget to mention that he’s being framed for Gordon’s murder. While in jail, Conrad gets a visit from Helen of Americon Initiative, and he agrees to an unknown favor in return for springing him from jail.

Kara Clarke is also doing her part to creep out Victoria, and it seems like she’ll be causing some problems in the future. She kept sneaking up on Victoria in her bedroom, and now Kara blames the Graysons for her husband’s (Gordon’s) murder. Victoria better watch her back with this one.

The youngest Grayson, Charlotte, decides not to attend her parents’ wedding, and instead helps Declan with the reopening of Jack’s bar. Things seem to be going well for Jack under Kenny’s ownership, even though the bar was sold under questionable terms. Maybe Kenny really does just want to own a bar. We’re still keeping an eye on him though.

Jack shares a nice moment with Kara Clarke during the opening ceremony, and it helps him to realize what he really wants. After creating a romantic scene for Amanda on the boat (the Amanda), Jack proposes and Amanda says yes.

We have to admit, they are adorable together, but the happiness is bound to get complicated because we think Amanda will want to reveal her true identity to Jack.

We’re also digging Jack’s new haircut.

Mason Treadwell still seems to be searching for answers, and after Victoria calls Emily a “juvie girl who cleaned up nicely,” Mason starts to connect the dots. What will he do with this information? We’re also still confused how helping frame Conrad is “the beginning of the end” for Mason, as Emily put it earlier.

Mason Treadwell

We just hope she can get Mason out of the picture before he reveals her whole scheme.

Aiden and Emily also share a romantic moment toward the end of the episode, which included wine and a fire, but Emily continues to push Aiden away. He says he won’t give up on her, and that she has to trust him, but we wonder if he could be messing with her.

We hope not, because we really like Aiden. He’s a good match for Emily.

Our Revenge recap covered a lot from last night’s episode, “Illusion,” but our most pressing question still deals with Emily’s identity.

Will Mason reveal Emily’s entire revenge plot?

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