The season 2 premiere of Revenge showed us a sneak peek into the future (as it did in its first season), but will the midseason finale, “Revelations” show us just how Jack’s boat ended up at the bottom of the ocean?

Last season on Revenge, we got a taste of a future midseason episode at the very beginning, which showed someone (who we all assumed was Daniel) getting shot on the beach. This was a few months in the future from when Emily Thorne actually arrived in the Hamptons.

This season’s opener showed us Emily in full scuba gear scouting the remains of a sunken ship, which turned out to be Jack’s boat, the Amanda. One of the items that Emily stumbles upon is a severed arm, which appears to belong to a man who is wearing a wedding ring.

We predict that the winter finale of Revenge, “Revelations” will reveal to us just how Jack’s boat ended up on the ocean floor.

Does the unattached arm necessarily mean that its owner is dead?

We predict that the arm belongs to Conrad, and that the Initiative has finally taken aim at Grayson Global, and Conrad is their target. In last week’s “Lineage,” Conrad and Victoria were worried for Daniel’s safety from Americon Initiative if he were to become the head honcho at Grayson Global.

Maybe their fears were well founded, and Conrad is now paying the price for his mistakes.

Next week’s promo also hits at a possible affair between Conrad and Ashley, so maybe Victoria and Daniel are both seething and ready to seek their own form of vengeance. Take another look.

In all honesty, the show would survive without Conrad. While he runs Grayson Global and serves as a scapegoat for the Initiative’s attacks, we think that issue will come to a head in “Revelations.”

Other potential owners of the severed arm could be Kenny or Nate, or maybe even someone we haven’t met yet. We doubt that though.

Will we see the events leading up to the shipwreck in “Revelations”?

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