by Momo

With the recent and tragic article about the poor lady that passed away at Comic-Con, I felt this article needed to be written. I’m going to tell you right now, it is not going to be daisies and sunshine, but it needs to be said.

When I read the article, I was heartbroken for that lady and her family. She went to have a good time and never got the chance she deserved. I scrolled down and began reading some of the comments to see if anyone knew any more news about the situation and was disgusted by at least half of what I saw.

While one half was saying sweet things about loss and how they sent their condolences, the other half were making atrocious comments about her being a Twihard and making comments about how they hate the Twilight franchise, but that it was still sad news. I’m sorry, but there is a time and a place and that is NOT it.

People of Hypable, take a step back and examine yourselves. While there were a good number of people who sent their respects and retaliated against the people being jerks, it is still not necessary. In general, we need to respect that everyone that visits this site is usually interested in a variety of fandoms and we need to respect that. But in this case, those of you that were hateful (and you know who you are) should really consider some form of therapy. How dare you take that tone when a person has passed just because you don’t like the fandom they do.

Like I said, this is not the most cheerful post, but I felt it needed to be said where all could see. Have some respect and dignity for others on this site and yourself, because when you say rude things like that, it’s just disgusting.

My deepest respects to the lady at Comic-Con and her family. I apologize personally for anyone’s hateful comments.

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