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‘Repeat’ proves Kylie Scott and Andi Arndt are a match made in audiobook heaven

It really doesn’t matter what Kylie Scott is writing, I am most definitely on board. And this Audible Original, Repeat is an absolute delight.

Kylie Scott and Stage Dive are pretty much synonymous at this point. Her rockers are some of my favorite romance heroes to read, and I can’t even begin to sing my praises for the powerhouse women in her stories. So, when I heard that not only is there a new Kylie book coming out, but it’s going to be audiobook first, I got a little excited. And then I heard the only other thing that could make me smile wider: It’s to be narrated by Andi Arndt.

Repeat tells the story of Clementine Johns, a 25-year-old woman with retrograde amnesia, trying to piece together her life after a horrible mugging leaves her pretty much blank in the memory department. She has a couple of clues thanks to her understanding sister, but there’s a tattoo artist who may be able to shed some light on the stuff her sister seems to gloss over.

Surprised barely begins to scratch the surface of what Ed Larsen feels when Clem waltzes into his shop. He immediately puts a stop to any thoughts of forgiveness and groveling on Clem’s part, but when he hears her call him, “Buddy” instead of using his name, something just seems off.

When it comes to audiobooks, Kylie Scott has written some of my faves. And while most of the praise goes to the author and purveyor of all the words, her narrator, Andi Arndt, is the two part of the best one-two punch in the audiobook business.

After all, when it comes to audiobooks, the story is only as good as its narrator, and Repeat definitely benefits from the stellar vocal stylings of Andi Arndt. She’s been with Kylie from the beginning, bringing Davey Ferris and his unexpected bride’s story to life in dazzling, addictive ways, and her role in bringing Repeat to our ears is every bit as wonderful as the story itself.

I’ve never read a story where the narrator has amnesia. Watching Clem piece together a whole new life, using clues from her old one, was absolutely fascinating. As was her completely understanding and open approach to it. I can’t imagine everyone would be so brave and unassuming. She listened as people answered her questions, not just listening for what she might want to hear, but actually hearing everything people had to say, especially when a lot of it wasn’t so flattering.

It’s amazing to think that she had to rebuild her whole world, from the movies and books she likes, to the clothing and style that make her feel most in tune with whatever life she is going to have going forward. Clem certainly made me think long and hard about how I would react if everything I knew was stripped out of my head. I definitely think I’d be a little more grouchy about it, that’s for sure.

Equally important to this story is Ed. He has every right to question Clem’s presence in his life, especially after she just finished ripping the sunny future he was planning for them to pieces. Ed reacts as I’d hope anyone would who just found out their ex has lost all their memories. He is kind and understanding, offering a hand and a conversation without making any promises about the future.

I am so glad that Clem had Ed in her life when all this happened. They were able to rebuild a whole new life and relationship, also getting to the bottom of what drove them apart in the first place. I could read story after story about these two weaving their new, emotionally honest relationship tapestry, but I am more than content if this is all I ever get to read about their lives.

Like any fantastic Kylie Scott story, Repeat is chock full of secondary characters that make you want to take a walk in Clem’s shoes for a day. Including her sister, Frances, her gracious employer, Iris (I believe my only actual note for this story was “Stick with Iris, Clem. She seems like good people”), to Ed’s brother, Leythe, and the slightly prickly Tessa (she has EXCELLENT reasons to be prickly toward Clementine), the characters surrounding Clem and Ed are colorful, wonderful people, anxious to do their part to help Clem find herself a new place in the world. Oh, and Gordy. You absolutely can’t forget the good dog, Gordy.

I am always excited to see what Kylie has up her sleeve for us next, and that definitely is the case after reading Repeat. Whether this was just a one-off story, or the impetus for an entirely new series, I am ready for whatever adventure Ms. Scott has in store, and I’ll be ready and waiting for the vocal talents of Andi Arndt to bring it to life.

Repeat is available now on Audible.com, and will see print publication on April 9, 2019. Pre-order your copy now on Amazon, Nook, or iBooks, today!

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