Five reasons you should watch ‘Fringe’ now that the show has ended

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10:25 am EST, January 22, 2013

by Kali

Fringe has ended, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try!

That is, if you haven’t been watching the past five years.

Here are five reasons why you should watch Fringe despite it being over:

1. The show is over. The series finale aired last week, so there is no more catching up to do. You can marathon entire seasons or you can watch one episode every week. (Though, I think you’ll want to watch Fringe more often than that.) You don’t have to deal with hiatuses or worry about cancellation. The entire series is there for you to enjoy.

2. Fringe had the opportunity to finish its story. Most shows drag on too long or get canceled without any closure. But the Fringe crew knew they had 13 episodes to end the series, and they planned on a strong finish. How many shows end exactly as they mean to end? Fringe does. Every season of Fringe is great for its own reasons, but season 5, the final one, is a gift to fans.

3. The actors are superb. John Noble, Anna Torv, and Joshua Jackson have a great presence on screen, and it’s a joy to watch their characters. They are consistent and passionate about their roles, and it’s clear how much they care about their work on the show. The supporting and minor actors are all great too, but it’s Noble, Torv, and Jackson who carried the show week to week.

4. Fringe has the most involved story on TV. First and foremost, Fringe is a science fiction series, but the characters and their relationships are what give the series substance. The intelligence in the show carries through from the writing to the characters, to the music and details on set. It’s refreshing to watch a show that is purely smart without being ironic, sarcastic, or dry.

5. Details are important. Yes, you can watch Fringe and not put much thought into it, but the show is much more rewarding to fans who pay close attention. Every detail matters and connects to something else. Symbols, events, and colors all develop into patterns over the course of the series and it’s fun to watch for that.

If you want a show that challenges your observations and critical thinking, Fringe is it. It’s entertaining and layered, at moments quirky and funny, and sometimes heart-wrenching. Start with season 1 and enjoy the journey. I’m a little jealous that you get to watch with fresh eyes.

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