11:00 am EDT, September 17, 2014

Quiz: How well do you know Dylan O’Brien?

Ahead of the Maze Runner premiere, we want to test your knowledge about Dylan O’Brien. How well do you really know the Teen Wolf actor?

Dylan O’Brien hasn’t been in the acting game long, but he’s already made a huge impact. Not only is he one of the stars of Teen Wolf, but he’s also made the first of what will probably be several appearances on other series when he cameoed on New Girl.

And not only has he he been on television screens across the world, but he’s also made his debut on the big screen, lending his acting abilities to movies like The Internship and The First Time. And we certainly couldn’t forget that he’ll be the star of the upcoming YA book-to-film adaptation of James Dashner’s The Maze Runner.

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There’s no doubt that Dylan O’Brien’s talent will get him far, and we can only hope that The Maze Runner will be just the beginning of a long and esteemed career for him. With pre-production already in the works for The Scorch Trials, we just know that the next few years are going to be huge for him.

So, whether you’ve been following him since the beginning or you just jumped on the Dylan O’Brien bandwagon, we challenge you to take our quiz and find out how well you really know this young actor.

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