The man who coined a million nicknames finally made his Quantico season 2 debut. We can’t stop thinking about these highlights from Caleb Haas’ triumphant return to the show.

It’s always amazing when old characters return to Quantico, but there’s been one that fans have been clamoring for above all others. Caleb Haas was a fan favorite character in season 1, but he’s been frustratingly absent in the show’s second installment. It’s really just cruel that Quantico has been baiting us with the rest of the Haas family all season, while making us wait for the OG.

Thankfully, the wait is now over. Caleb Haas returned to Quantico in season 2, episode 18, in all of his sombrero-donning glory. We witnessed our first Clay vs Caleb showdown, a family discussion that only the Haas’ could pull off, and even a Shaleb moment! Even so, it wasn’t nearly enough Caleb to satisfy us.

He’ll be back in the next episode of Quantico for more, but until then, let’s look back at these five amazing moments from Caleb’s return.

‘Hey, get some rest. You look about ten years older than you should.’

quantico season 2, shelby wyatt, caleb haas, shaleb

Caleb’s entire speech to Shelby at the end of Quantico season 2 was harsh, honest, and 100% true to his character. His words were overly hurtful, but Caleb’s always been one to lash out when he’s upset.

Shelby’s affair with Clayton nearly destroyed Caleb, so now that he sees her falling into the same pattern with his married brother, he’s not going to take it lightly. He was able to forgive her once, but he shouldn’t have to do it again. Despite his harsh words, the sentiment behind them needed to be heard. What the hell are you doing Shelby? What kind of weird hold do the Haas men have over you?

While I would’ve loved it if Caleb had spent his time away achieving even an iota of personal growth, he needed to return as the Caleb we’ve always known and loved. So, I’m happy with this delciously vindictive Caleb scene, for now. Hopefully he can stick around for a while, so we actually get to see him work through some of his insecurities, though. He deserves it!

‘You’re old enough for the both of us, don’t you think?’

quantico, caleb and clay haas

With this one line, Caleb magically captured the dynamic between not only himself and Clay, but so many pairs of brothers. The older brother is forced to carry the family legacy on his shoulders, while the younger brother gets to goof off and be everyone’s buddy.

Of course, we know that it’s not all fun and games for Caleb either. He’s desperate to be taken seriously and to prove what he can do. We saw that during his time at Quantico, in his relationship with Shelby, and in the season 1 finale. However, when he’s in a room with Claire and Clay, he reverts back to the role that he’s been assigned. The lovable screw up.

‘We’re family, we don’t have any secrets.’

quantico 2x18, caleb and clay haas

This line from President Haas is ridiculous to anyone who’s witnessed even a second of the Haas family in action. This family sleeps comfortably on a bed of secrets and lies, so when Caleb giggled, he was echoing all of our internal (okay, maybe external) guffaws.

The beautiful part about this exchange is that Caleb doesn’t even hesitate to point out just how laughable the comment is. That’s the difference between Caleb and the rest of the Haas clan. He tells it like it is. While the rest of them will keep things quiet and hide their true feelings, Caleb will get everything out in the open. How inconvenient for the First family!

‘You know what isn’t practical? A bunch of rich, white men trying to topple democracy.’

quantico 2x18, caleb, clay, claire haas

Caleb isn’t just a pretty set of abs face with a great sense of humor. He trained at Quantico, just like his parents, and is even studying to be a lawyer (when he’s not striking weed pinatas in Mexico, that is). He deserves a seat at the table with the rest of them. What I want, more than anything, is to see him get one…and then not screw it up.

‘Nice monologue, Michelle Williams.’

quantico 2x18, shelby wyatt

If Caleb hadn’t given Shelby a pop-culture-referencing nickname in his Quantico season 2 debut, would he have actually been on the show? Luckily, we don’t have to ask ourselves that question, because he pulled one out with only minutes to spare.

This is the exact flavor of Caleb that we’ve been missing in Quantico season 2. Providing comic relief and covering up his pain with sarcasm. That’s our boy!

What was your favorite moment from Caleb’s return to ‘Quantico’?

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