The lesson of the day is misdirection. While the recruits are learning the art of the pickpocket at The Farm, Alex and company are suffering one misdirection after another as the crisis draws to a close on Quantico.

Things are progressing quickly now, as the crisis storyline will find some sort of resolution next week. The crisis will resolve one way or another, but thanks to the advertisements, we know that one of our favorites has been working for the AIC, we just aren’t sure who.

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The final moments of the last episode revealed that not only were our favorite CIA recruits and the hostages finally escaping the G8 summit crisis, but a few of the terrorists had joined the mix. This episode kicks off right were we left off, and we see Alex, Ryan, and all the rest debate what they should do. They ultimately decide to use the secret service tunnel exit that Alex used to re-enter the crisis zone.

One important thing to note is that in the middle of the debate of where to go and what to do, Dayana asks Will if he, working alongside the organization responsible for hunting down the AIC, got all of the AIC members. He is quick to say no, but he doesn’t stop there. He goes on to say that he knows how to find the rest of them, and if he gets out of this situation alive, that’s exactly what he’ll do.

Now, if you’re thinking to yourself, “how does a guy as smart as Will make such a vividly stupid blunder in painting such a bold target on his back?” Here’s my theory. This episode was all about misdirection. While there were a few minor moments of misdirection throughout the crisis storyline, the lesson didn’t seem to really make an impact on the crisis storyline. My prediction: Next week, we will learn that Will purposely made himself the prime target in order to root out the traitor amongst the central group. Dayana is the obvious possibility, what with her being such a devoted AIC trainee back at The Farm, but I think we’re going to see that someone else is working with the AIC and it’s someone we wouldn’t suspect.

Moving on. While everyone is trying to simply get to safety, we get a few minor mishaps. Two people go missing (one of which may have been found dead by Alex and company, though it was a little unclear), someone steals Alex’s gun, and eventually, we learn who we can finally count as a terrorist.

The redhead that has been around since early this season as Sebastian Chen tries to find peace with his own sexuality outs herself as AIC. She uses Alex’s gun to hold Harry hostage, demanding that they hand over Will in return for Harry’s life. Sebastian pulls his weapon in order to try and get some leverage against her. Ultimately, she shoots Sebastian and Sebastian shoots her back. She is killed by multiple strikes, while Sebastian is still kicking despite the bullet he took to his gut.

During this ruckus, Will Olsen disappears along with Dayana. Without any other options, the crowd continues moving to the exit and are met there by the FBI. Alex insists on seeing a list of the names of all the survivors and whomever is in charge. Out steps Lydia Hall. She quickly relates to Alex what she knows and admits that Dayana is missing along with Will Olsen, hinting that Dayana may be a terrorist rather than a trusted ally. Oh, and Dayana has the hard drives that Lydia supposedly hid at the beginning of season 2. Alex is the only trusted ally left, so she will be the one to march into battle against a friend to try and save a friend and her country.


This week’s lesson is all about misdirection, while Ryan continues to try and do his FBI thing while working inside the AIC, Alex and Owen are trying to root out the AIC and figure out how to take them down themselves.

Harry Doyle is a very experienced pickpocket, and Owen Hall asks that he teach the recruits a little bit about the basics of misdirection. Before we know it, the recruits are in a bar, using their new skills to pilfer wallets, cell phones and the like.

The recruits are going to try and infiltrate the NSA. This is serious business. Owen declares that they’ve all been under NSA surveillance for a while now, and in order for them to keep their private lives private, the recruits must sneak in and erase all their phone records. Lydia and the AIC have a second mission for this infiltration. Lydia tells her recruits that they need intel and if they can hack the NSA while the recruits are already there, it will go unnoticed.

The mission goes off pretty smoothly, with only a few exceptions. Ryan successfully plants the tap, Leon Velez is discovered and subsequently kicked out of the program, and Sebastian almost gets his own cover blown.

In perhaps one of the most poignant and important personal moments in this series, Harry reveals to Sebastian exactly what led up to the death of the man he loved. It is a sad story. Elliot’s father learned about Harry and Elliot’s romantic coupling, forcing Elliot to choose between his lover or his family.

Elliot chose his family. Later on down the road, Harry receives a wedding invitation from Elliot’s upcoming nuptials to a woman. Harry comes home to a depressed Elliot sitting in his apartment. They fight, bicker, etc. Elliot feels like there is nothing left for him in this world and drives a kitchen knife into himself. He dies shortly thereafter.

The last important detail is that while Sebastian might be too afraid to admit his own sexuality, he looses a piece of his mind as well. Dayana barely manages to get between Harry and Sebastian in time to save Harry from being strangled.

Never a dull moment on an episode of Quantico.

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