7:00 pm EDT, April 26, 2017

‘Puffs’ nominated for award and celebrates milestone

By Irvin K

Puffs continues to be a success off-Broadway, and this week saw several very concrete markers of its success.

The play that’s all about Hufflepuffs is playing at the Elektra Theatre every weekend, and keeps packing in audiences.

This coming weekend, Puffs will be celebrating its 100th performance at the Elektra Theatre. This is a big deal, because most shows off-Broadway only run for about half as many performances before closing. Long runs like The Fantasticks are very much an exception, more so off-Broadway than on.

To celebrate the occasion, Puffs is offering $35 tickets for this coming weekend, with the discount code “100PUFFS.” Though if you can’t make it this weekend, you can use our discount code “PuffsHype” to save 10% on tickets any time.

The number of Puffs performances is going to climb ever more rapidly, because starting June 8, they are adding a fifth performance to each week – Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. That is indicative of a rapidly growing demand for the show; they will now be performing for a thousand people every week.

And when a show is this popular (and this good), the theatre community takes notice. Puffs has just been nominated for its first award, the Off Broadway Alliance Award for Best Unique Theatrical Experience.

The Off Broadway Alliance on an organization of theatre professionals dedicated to supporting and promoting the production of Off-Broadway Theatre. They, along with the Obies and the Lucille Lortel Awards, present awards every year strictly to off-Broadway productions.

Puffs’ fellow nominees are Her Opponent, Spamilton, Taylor Mac, and Vanity Fair. Of the lot, we’ve only seen Vanity Fair, but we can highly recommend it. It’s an adaptation of William Thackeray’s classic novel of the same name, and has a very Puffs-like approach to adapting it: a silly and homemade feel to the production design, a cast of seven playing multiple characters, and a lot of humor that brings surprising intensity and pathos towards the end.

Vanity Fair, for those unfamiliar, is a satire of early Victorian society that’s obsessed with status. It follows the rise and fall of two women over the years, whose stories are very similar, but one is a Slytherin and one is a Hufflepuff. Vanity Fair is playing at the Pearl Theatre through May 14th, and there are $20 student rush tickets available.

We’ll be rooting for Puffs at the Off Broadway Alliance Awards, which will be presented on May 16. If you’re interested in the other award categories, Playbill has a full list of nominees. While the Puffs in the show just want to come in third place, we think they deserve to be in first place at these awards!

For more about Puffs, and the chance to buy tickets, click here.

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